Yuexiu Park: A Historical and Cultural Gem in Guangzhou Worth Exploring!

In the eyes of many, Guangzhou is a first-tier city with constant influx of new things, often associated with labels like “concrete jungle” and “commercial city”. However, how many young people have temporarily forgotten that Guangzhou is also a historical and cultural ancient city, with many old and culturally rich places to explore?


Today, let’s join me to explore Yuexiu Park and discover the historical traces of Guangzhou.

Yuexiu Park is one of the earliest parks in Guangzhou and the largest comprehensive park. During the Republic of China era, Dr. Sun Yat-sen proposed to turn Yuexiu Mountain into a large park. This idea was realized after the liberation of Guangzhou. Today, Yuexiu Park boasts beautiful natural scenery, featuring the characteristics of subtropical regions, and preserves various historical relics and remains. The newly built park roads also connect various scenic spots.


Yuexiu Park holds a special place in my childhood memories. Even more than a decade ago, this place could be considered as a popular “internet-famous spot” in Guangzhou. As a native of Guangzhou, my impression of it goes beyond being one of the “Eight Scenic Spots of Yangcheng” and a national 4A-level tourist attraction.



Five Ram Statue

My first encounter with the Five Ram Statue was in my Chinese language textbook in elementary school. At that time, I also learned that Guangzhou was called “Yangcheng” or “Suicheng,” but I didn’t delve into the reasons why. However, when it is mentioned, we all feel a sense of pride. It is the symbol of Guangzhou, and it has the legend of the Five Rams. The legend goes, “Five rams carried grains and gathered in the Chu Court.” According to the older generation, before it was called “Yangcheng,” Guangzhou’s other name was the Chu Court!


Ming City Wall

It is the most complete existing ancient city wall in Guangzhou! The total length is 1137 meters, and it is one of the three major ancient sites in early Ming Dynasty Guangzhou. Walking along the city wall, one gradually immerses in a tranquil atmosphere. The small saplings have grown into towering hundred-year-old trees, and the once solid city bricks are now marked with the traces of time. It must have gone through many storms before it could protect this land. I pay my utmost respect!


Zhenhai Tower

The older generation of Guangzhou has a saying, “If you don’t climb Zhenhai Tower, you haven’t truly been to Guangzhou.” So, of course, we must take a photo here! Zhenhai Tower is also known as “Five-Story Tower” because it is five stories high. In a Guangzhou nursery rhyme, it says, “The fat kid is bigger than a five-story tower…” referring to this place. In 1950, it was renamed Guangzhou Museum, exhibiting historical relics representing Guangzhou’s over 2000 years of development!


In addition, Yuexiu Mountain is a Fengshui treasure in Guangzhou. From a geographical perspective, Guangzhou is surrounded by mountains and faces the Lingdingyang in the south, with Luofu Mountain on the left and Qingyun Mountain on the right, extending to Baiyun Mountain and Yuexiu Mountain in Guangzhou, resembling a giant blue dragon by the Pearl River, forming the posture of “flying dragon drinking water.” The park’s rich variety of plants, dense bamboo forests, forests, and vast grasslands provide a good foraging and habitat environment for animals.


Yuexiu Park is an important carrier of Guangzhou’s history and culture, as well as an excellent destination for tourists to experience the charm of Guangzhou. Whether you are a history enthusiast or a nature explorer, you can find your own enjoyment here. So, why not take a little time out of your busy life to visit Yuexiu Park and have a beautiful encounter with history and nature?

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