Your Level Determines Your Level of Wealth


In this bustling era, money has undoubtedly become the goal that everyone strives to pursue. Regardless of where we are, it seems that we all engage with money in our own ways, whether it be easy or difficult, abundant or meager. These differences actually stem from our different perceptions of money.


Recently, I delved into the original work “The Distant Savior” by reading “The Distant Savior”, and I realized that there are three levels of making money. So, which level are you in?


Three levels of making money

The first level is the “money-centered” level. In this level, money is seen as the supreme goal, and people often sacrifice themselves or compromise in order to obtain money. They blindly pursue seemingly glamorous industries, but overlook their own values and interests. Just like the father of Rui Xiaodan in “The Distant Savior,” who worked as a director for many years but failed to truly comprehend the essence of art, only toiling for money. This state of losing oneself for the sake of money ultimately leads to endless fatigue and confusion.


The second level is the “self-centered” level. In this level, people begin to focus on their own expertise and interests, using them as a basis for pursuing wealth. They no longer blindly follow trends, but plan their careers based on their own circumstances. For example, Ouyang Xue, who successfully established her own business by relying on her passion and dedication to the catering industry, achieved both self-worth and abundant returns. This self-centered approach to making money may not necessarily lead to great wealth, but it can at least make people live a comfortable and fulfilling life.


The third level is the “others-centered” level. This is the highest realm of making money. In this level, people not only focus on their own interests, but also on the needs of others. They are adept at using their wisdom and talents to help others and achieve win-win situations. Like Ding Yuanying, who is well-versed in speculation but never harms others for personal gain. He is always able to identify others’ needs and use his wisdom to help them solve problems, thereby realizing his own value. This selfless mindset and behavior not only allow him to acquire more wealth, but also earn the respect and trust of others.


The essence of making money is the realization of perceptions

The essence of making money is the manifestation of cognition. When we have a deeper understanding of money, self, and others, we can better grasp the opportunities and principles of making money. Works such as “The Distant Savior” provide us with such cognitive tools. They show us how people from different levels and perspectives interact with money, thereby triggering our reflection and improvement of our own ways of making money.


If you feel that making money is difficult, why not take a moment to examine your perception and attitude towards money? Have you become too obsessed with pursuing money that you have lost yourself? Have you only focused on your own interests while neglecting the needs of others? When you start to focus on yourself and others, you will realize that making money is not such a difficult task after all.


I would like to say that making money is not everything in life, but it is indeed a part of life. We should face it with the right attitude and enjoy the happiness and fulfillment it brings. And when we truly comprehend the mysteries of making money, we will discover that life itself is a journey full of surprises and possibilities.


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