XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 9: Xue

The character “雪” denotes intelligence and kindness, with a strong sense of responsibility. Such individuals are assertive and stubborn, often imposing their own ideas on others. They tend to be self-centered and feel pressured by the responsibilities of household chores, but they willingly shoulder them as the head of the family.


Beneath the character “雪” lies a mountain, symbolizing earth, which counters water in the five elements, affecting the urinary system and legs. Individuals born in the Year or Month of the Wood Element may experience accidents or financial losses.


“雪” is often associated with winter, representing a cold constitution in females, leading to hormonal imbalances and affecting overall health. If paired with the character “梅,” it intensifies health issues, as the plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter coldness. Despite enduring harsh conditions, these individuals display resilience, with better financial prospects in winter and spring, but unstable fortunes in summer and autumn, signifying short-lived blessings.


Being associated with solitude and coldness, “雪” is unfavorable for marriage, often resulting in shallow connections with spouses. Even if married, couples may face separations or live apart, leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

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