XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 6: Qian

The character “倩” is composed of the radicals “人” (person) and “青” (green). With a left-right structure, the “丿” represents a school or supermarket in the southeast, while the vertical stroke denotes a road, symbolizing a smooth and unobstructed thoroughfare. Individuals with the character “倩” in their names exhibit a strong sense of responsibility, daring to shoulder burdens. They tend to have a laid-back personality, embodying characteristics typically associated with boys, valuing brotherhood and loyalty, being strong-willed, stubborn, and inflexible.

With the “青” radical at the center, individuals with the character “倩” often have the potential to hold official positions, possessing a strong career drive, excellent professional skills, and leadership qualities. They are hands-on in everything they do, hardworking, and under significant pressure. They enjoy assisting vulnerable groups and carry themselves with the demeanor of an elder sister.

Financially, individuals with the character “倩” work hard for their money and have strong financial management principles. They tend to spend money wisely on necessities, are frugal with themselves, generous with others, and show filial piety to their parents.

In matters of love, they are devoted and demanding, with high standards and a preference for quality over quantity. They take on the role of the head of the household after marriage, which may lead to marital difficulties and a propensity for divorce, impacting their children’s personalities to some extent (homophonic with “欠,” implying deficiencies in emotions, finances, etc., resulting in dissatisfaction).

They are prone to high levels of stress, leading to chest tightness, accumulated fatigue, and various health issues such as shoulder and neck pain, breast hyperplasia, lower back pain, as well as sleep disturbances and hair loss.

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