XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 5: Bai

Analysis of the Character “百” in Names:



Today, let’s discuss the character “百.” It consists of six strokes, with a structure resembling the “Sui” trigram, indicating the importance of discerning between advancement and retreat, knowing when to make choices, and adhering to goodness while maintaining integrity. It emphasizes adapting to the circumstances, following one’s heart, and aligning with the principles of the heavens, advocating for sincerity and continuous improvement.


The character “百” is far from simple. With a horizontal stroke in the middle, it signifies bearing responsibility even under pressure, despite the vastness of future prospects. Its numerical value is ten times ten, representing the multitude of blossoming flowers. According to the “Shuowen,” it signifies ten tens, originally a numerical term for measurement.


What does the character “百” symbolize when used in names? It embodies the spirit of perseverance, resilience, and excellence, with a clear understanding of principles and lofty ideals.


In terms of the Five Elements, “百” belongs to water. When water encounters metal, success is imminent; when it encounters fire, it gains an advantage; when it encounters earth, it becomes a conqueror; when it encounters wood, it inherits legacies; when it encounters water, it fulfills comrades’ wishes. The cycle of the Five Elements governs the universe.


What should be considered when using the character “百” in names? Be mindful of its versatility and abundance, but avoid duplicity or second place, as the tiger does not tolerate it.

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