XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 4: Yan

I greatly appreciate the beauty of language, which embodies the wisdom of ancient sages.

The character “燕” is a prohibited character in names. Looking at its form, it depicts a flying swallow. Swallows migrate due to weather changes, indicating instability and restlessness. Whether placed in the middle or at the end of a name, it creates an unstable magnetic field.

Below the character “燕,” there is the radical “灬.” In onomastics, “氵” represents water, while “灬” represents fire. With “北” (north) representing water and “南” (south) representing fire, this character inherently clashes between water and fire elements, affecting marriage, health, and career prospects.

Change your name for good luck.

A name that create base on your birthday and Ancient Chinese Yijing<易经> which bring fame and fortune to you.


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