XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 26: Mei

The name is a symbol of a person, cohesion of a lifetime of good and bad luck, the interpretation of the word “Mei”.


㊙️ The character “梅” is a strong, arrogant, and unassuming person who is filial to his mother, but has a mother who is in poor health and has to work hard all his life.

㊙️ People with “梅” in their name have a hard time making it to the end of their lives, either through divorce or a husband who is in poor health or separated and often not around.

㊙️ People with “梅” in their name are hardworking and have a strong endurance, and are very capable of suffering.

㊙️ People with “梅” in their name are prone to having thieves in their homes.

㊙️ Name has “梅” people, better at managing money, will be divided into two money, a filial piety husband’s parents, a stick Maiden’s family, but often hard work is not good, be misunderstood.

㊙️ People with “梅” in their name have surgery or scars on their abdomen, such as those left by a cesarean section.

Change your name for good luck.

A name that create base on your birthday and Ancient Chinese Yijing<易经> which bring fame and fortune to you.

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