XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 24: Lian

Prohibited Characters in Name Study.
The character “莲” symbolizes bitterness in the heart, suggesting inner grievances.

People named “莲” usually have good looks and strong capabilities, but their marriages are often troubled.


What are the types of troubled marriages?

The first type is when their partners frequently engage in extramarital affairs.

The second type is when they easily attract the attention of the opposite sex, encountering opportunists who take advantage of them, leading to frustration.

The third type is when they settle for a partner who doesn’t match them, leaving them discontented and trapped in an unsatisfactory marriage. Famous historical examples of individuals with troubled marriages include Pan Jinlian and Qin Xianglian, both named “莲.” Their marriages were marked by dissatisfaction and emotional distress.

Change your name for good luck.

A name that create base on your birthday and Ancient Chinese Yijing<易经> which bring fame and fortune to you.


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