XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 23: Hong

The character “红” has “纟” on the left side, which appears curved and is located in the ninth palace, positioned in the domain of “震” (Zhèn), indicating a winding path. The structure of “纟” resembles folds, suggesting physical aspects to the right side of the body.

“红” is a character composed of the left part and the right part, with “纟” and “工” representing the element of earth. It tends to be related to conflicts and disputes in marital relationships, leading to communication barriers.

In the character “红,” the middle of “工” represents a person’s status or official position, but it suggests limited advancement, typically holding lower-level positions.

With the prominence of the earth element represented by “五土,” individuals with this character may experience digestive issues.

The crucial point in the character “红” is “工,” representing the earth element. In years like 2022 and 2023 (寅壬年 and 卯癸年), there might be financial losses due to the clash between wood and earth elements. It’s essential to be cautious about financial matters during these years.

When the character “红” is used as the second character in a name, especially later in life, it may lead to a situation where family members or relatives look down upon the individual. Despite efforts, success might not be guaranteed, potentially causing unfortunate events for oneself or family members. Hence, it is considered an inauspicious character.

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