XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 21: Yong

【勇】Steady and practical, possessing wisdom, valuing emotions, upholding justice, willing to sacrifice for others, but often misunderstood. Despite being capable, lacking in joy.

【勇】Strong in action, quick to act. Endures hardships, with an impulsive and reckless personality, inclined to use brute force.

【勇】Brave and daring, fearless, preferring direct approaches, emotionally coarse and lacking subtlety.

【勇】Tends to overthink and be cautious, often missing opportunities due to excessive deliberation. Health concerns may involve the head, feet, cardiovascular system, and respiratory issues.

Change your name for good luck.

A name that create base on your birthday and Ancient Chinese Yijing<易经> which bring fame and fortune to you.

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