XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 18: Yi

【艺】Let’s examine the composition of the character “艺” (yì). In the Oracle Bone Script, the left side of the character represents wood, while the right side depicts a person using both hands to operate, also known as “埶”, derived from “坴” (lù), meaning soil, and “丮” (jí), meaning to grasp. Later, it evolved into “藝”. Below the character “艺”, there is a shape resembling a snake, formed by the combination of five “字” (zì) characters arranged in a Yin shape. This signifies a person using both hands skillfully, representing someone who is versatile and talented.

【艺】Restless, always on the move.

【艺】In terms of personality, tender, delicate, like a woman, with a soft and gentle voice, evoking a desire to protect.

【艺】Often troubled by worries, tends to create problems for oneself, and easily falls victim to deception.

【艺】In marriage:
① Often quarrels with their partner, leading to frequent disputes over trivial matters, which may ultimately lead to divorce.
② Each has their own separate finances and social circles, making it difficult for them to resonate with each other in daily life.

【艺】Represents artistry, talent, and skill. Individuals with this character in their name often possess unique talents or artistic abilities.

【艺】Stubborn and rigid, prone to getting stuck in one’s ways. Intelligent and creative, with many ideas, adept at thinking on their feet. They tend to ponder over issues extensively, even days after the fact.

【艺】Easily loses interest in things after a short period, tends to be skeptical of information, already having a good understanding of what others may not yet know. They struggle to make decisions, which hinders their progress.

【艺】As the character “艺” contains the radical for wood, individuals associated with it are typically straightforward, bold, and sensual, enjoying leisure and entertainment.

① Prone to poor sleep quality and headaches.
② May have scars on the head or face.
③ Often experiences digestive issues.
④ Susceptible to lower back pain, lumbar disc herniation, or other injuries related to the lumbar region.

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