XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 17: Zhong

【忠】Enthusiastic, passionate, concerned about face, likes to show off, talented, courageous, heroic, facing hardships in youth, laborious in middle age, avoids water-related activities.

【忠】Due to its internal representation of thought, with the heart being associated with fire, it signifies strength, explosiveness, quick temper, and emotional volatility.

【忠】Represents loyalty, sincerity, and selflessness, advocating for giving one’s utmost effort in all endeavors. The heart is the origin of all human actions; if the heart is righteous, the actions will be righteous.

【忠】Tends to be rash at times, lacking in perseverance, with shallow interpersonal relationships, displaying extreme affection or aversion towards certain individuals. The heart is an intangible essence; it is the source of all capabilities, and self-improvement begins with the cultivation of the heart.

【忠】The character consists of “中” (zhong) on top, signifying impartiality, and “心” (xin) below, representing the heart. Impartiality leads to selflessness. If there are biases, things will easily become imbalanced and ruined, hindering one’s ability to give their all. When the heart is placed in the correct position within oneself, there is no room for bias. Without bias in the heart, one can wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to a task.

【忠】For those born in the Year of the Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, or Pig, using this character in their name may lead to instability in financial fortune and digestive issues. The mind is prone to fickleness, lacking a sense of security in relationships, causing fluctuating financial luck and difficulty enjoying prosperity. It may also lead to laziness, indifference, or even indulgence in wasteful activities. It is crucial to carefully consider the placement and usage of characters in a name.

【忠】The character “忠” may affect marriage dynamics, creating a magnetic field of disloyalty regardless of gender, leading to infidelity towards one’s partner.

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