XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 16: Lei

【磊】character belongs to a three-structure font, equivalent to one yang and two yin components. People named “磊” usually have good social connections, especially surrounded by many friends of the opposite sex, which is detrimental to marriage.


【磊】Fire element tends to be relatively strong, leading to a quick temper, especially during the Lunar New Year, often becoming furious due to certain events, making the Spring Festival atmosphere gloomy.


【磊】Originally referred to three stones stacked together, symbolizing hardness, honesty, straightforwardness, inner peace, strength, resilience, and a free-spirited approach to tasks, with abundant talents and skills.


【磊】The three stones signify a multitude, representing the hardness of the material. Therefore, this character is not recommended for casual use in names due to its association with traits like rigidity, immobility, and weightiness.


【磊】Also conveys the meanings of greatness, stability, conservatism, speaking one’s mind, inflexibility, having personal secrets, being cautious, meticulous, and being perceived as somewhat eccentric or unconventional by others.


【磊】Naming with the “品” character is forbidden. For example: 鑫 (xin), 垚 (yao), 磊 (lei), 畾 (lei), 品 (pin), 惢 (suo), 森 (sen), 焱 (yan), 淼 (miao), 晶 (jing), 尛 (mo), etc. Good names don’t necessarily bring twice the fortune, but bad names will definitely bring double the misfortune.


【磊】The character “品” represents three identical parts, and using it in names, especially as a single name or middle name, may lead to emotional entanglements involving three individuals, causing confusion and sometimes leading to accusations against the bearer.


【磊】Life is full of hardships and stress, with unpredictable ups and downs. Men may experience hair loss and baldness due to stress, relying solely on themselves and toiling tirelessly.


【磊】Affects marriage, often leading to extramarital affairs. Many women who use this character in their names will find themselves burdened with household responsibilities, causing much hardship for themselves and their husbands.


【磊】Having three small openings implies vulnerability, especially for those born under animal signs associated with small openings, causing even greater harm.


【磊】In terms of health: ① Not beneficial for the father’s health, suppressing his fortune. ② “磊” comprises three stones, which in the Five Elements system correspond to Earth, indicating an overabundance of Earth energy, which affects the spleen and stomach. Therefore, individuals named “磊” are prone to minor digestive issues, closely related to the magnetic field of their names.


【磊】The immobility implied by the character manifests in physical stiffness, with the head being most affected by the lack of mobility, gradually leading to an overall feeling of being unable to move, akin to a stone becoming increasingly immovable.

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