XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 12: Yue

The character “月” is a single-character word, indicating solitude. Individuals with this character often have a slim to medium build, are articulate, but tend to have a quick temper, easily offending others with their speech, and prone to getting involved in verbal disputes. They tend to be talkative in their daily lives.

Those with the character “月” often talk more than they act, preferring to instruct others rather than do things themselves. They are prone to verbal disputes and complaints in their work.

In terms of finances, individuals with the character “月” may frequently ask for money from others, such as parents, partners, or tenants. They often give more than they receive and have difficulty holding onto money. They are susceptible to financial losses due to verbal disputes and may have difficulties expressing their grievances.

The character “月” belongs to the yin element, representing solitude and desolation. While the moon’s light comes from the sun, when the moon (representing females) appears, the sun (representing males) disappears. This symbolism reflects an unhappy marriage, with couples spending little time together and a high divorce rate, leading to loneliness in old age and incomplete blessings.

Individuals with the character “月” often face significant life pressures, leading to frustration and fatigue. They are prone to respiratory diseases and weakness in the spleen and stomach, which depletes their vitality.

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