XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials Sharing 10: Li

The character “丽” consists of a horizontal stroke as its radical, representing the element of earth in the Five Elements theory. It is located in the Li Palace, Xun Palace, and Kun Palace, corresponding to a road running east-west in the southern direction of a house.

In “丽,” the radical is a horizontal stroke, below which are two identical half-moon structures representing two women, with the final half-moon representing the individual’s fate. This character belongs to the metal element, suggesting that the husband/boyfriend may simultaneously love two women.

“丽” contains two “丶” characters in the middle, resembling the shape of female breasts, implying a tendency for women to develop nodules or proliferative conditions in the breasts.

The pronunciation of “丽” is similar to “离,” meaning divorce or separation, which often leads to divorce or breakup.

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