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The character ‘晓’ in a name injures the offspring:

‘Poxiao’ (dawn) is the darkest period within the 24-hour cycle, so having the character ‘晓’ in a name is akin to carrying the darkest magnetic field within one’s fortune. It often results in a life filled with more obstacles than smooth sailing. Moreover, it can inflict harm upon women if used by men and upon children if used by women.


This character carries significant implications for the child’s marriage, health, and financial prospects. For instance, it may lead to rebellious behavior, depression, serious illnesses, or delayed childbirth, indicating a lack of affinity with offspring. Additionally, ‘晓’ is a highly restricted character in onomastics; its decomposition reveals ‘戈,’ symbolizing a knife that may harm one’s health.


This character also greatly impacts the children, affecting their health and careers. Even if one earns money, the child may spend it all on various matters…


Moreover, individuals with the life path numbers 966 or 696 in their Gregorian birthdates severely affect their descendants…


Furthermore, individuals with Chinese zodiac signs such as Rat, Ox, Tiger, and Snake with this character in their names may suffer from ‘Xing Shang,’ affecting their careers, marriages, and wealth.


Chinese characters are profound, with their pronunciation, form, and meaning embodying their essence.

Change your name for good luck.

A name that create base on your birthday and Ancient Chinese Yijing<易经> which bring fame and fortune to you.

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