XinYan’s Essential Learning Materials: Digital Magnetic Fields

The cellphone number contains: 210, 120, 690, 960, 480, 840, 370, 730:

122, 221, 484, 696, 737 Extreme fate, absolutization, impulsiveness, investment, impatient temper, loyalty, liver and kidney, ominous stars.

0 indicates emptiness, empty wealth luck, empty career luck, empty marriage luck, empty health.

“Extreme fate” + 0 doesn’t mean the sudden disappearance of information about extremely good fate, but indicates that the information about extreme negative fate has reached its peak and suddenly becomes empty. This kind of result is usually abrupt and overwhelming.

For example: If our 120 emergency call is made, it means our fate is at its extreme before we need to dial the emergency call. Friends who have these numbers should pay attention.

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