What are the effects of bathroom location ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

‼️⚠ Home Feng Shui Sundance location southeast bathroom is very harmful:

If there is a bathroom in this location;

1, it will cause children to study badly. Especially the eldest daughter in the family.

2, the couple’s relationship is not harmonious. Prone to red apricot wall, emotional derailment, emotional entanglement is not dedicated.

3, lead to human liver, sleep, cervical spine, heart, lymphatic problems.

4, especially those who belong to the dragon, snake, pig, dog.


‼️⚠ House Kun Gong location in the southwest bathroom hazards;

1, Kun Gong is Tian Rui star fall Palace, will lead to the child is not serious about learning, do not feel at ease to learn, reluctant to learn, truant, rebellious.

2, will lead to mother’s health problems:breast, gynecology, uterine cold, uterine fibroids, easy to induce diabetes.

3.Causes problems with the spleen, stomach and intestines.

3、Financial luck is not ideal, Kun for land, real estate.

4, husband and wife are not good, family conflicts.

5, especially those who belong to sheep, monkey


‼️⚠ House is east of the direction of the Zhen Gong location bathroom hazards;

1, on the eldest son, the male owner of the impact is particularly bad.

2, affect the cause of wealth, accidents, disputes.

3, the liver has a big impact.

4, resulting in bad temper.

5, on the rabbit and chicken people harm.


‼️⚠ The house is in the north of the Kan Palace location bathroom hazards;

1, leading to kidney, urinary, gynecological.

2, men prostate, male function decline, back pain, kidney function problems.

3, women are not easy to get pregnant or easy to cause miscarriage, abortion.

4, memory failure, children do not make progress in learning.

5, due to the north kangong location bathroom will lead to early menopause.

6, especially those who belong to the rat, horse.


‼️⚠ The house is in the middle of the center position is the bathroom harm;

1, the bathroom resides in the middle of the house, the first will have an impact on the health of the occupants of the family’s wealth, especially the hostess and hostess of the home.

2, secondly the bathroom is in the middle of the house, the financial luck will also be damaged!

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