Three Elements and Nine Periods

Every change in the cycle of the Three Elements and Nine Periods signifies a restart!

A restart in wealth, health, the mainstream market, and people’s way of life!


For example, from 1984 to 2003,

these 20 years represented the Seven Periods and the element of Metal, which corresponds to the lungs, throat, and respiratory system! It was a nationwide gold rush, with songs from Hong Kong and Taiwan spreading across the mainland, and the focus on health was primarily on tuberculosis.


Similarly, from 2004 to 2023,

these 20 years represent the Eight Periods and the element of Earth, which corresponds to the spleen and digestive system! The nation focused on civil engineering, massive development, and the construction of countless high-rise buildings, roads, and bridges! The main health concern was nodules, tumors, and cancer (all related to ‘lumps’ or ‘earth lumps’).



From 2024 to 2043, a new beginning.


The Ninth Period arrives! It’s time to restart, for every individual who values their own life’s worth!

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