The Wisdom of Building a Happy Marriage

In the journey of life, we often step into certain stages without realizing it. For example, when we do not know how to get married, we walk into the marriage hall and establish a family; when we do not know how to educate, we have lovely children. However, behind these seemingly natural processes lies wisdom that requires us to continue to learn and grow.


Marriage, a harder way to run a business than going to college

Running a marriage is harder than getting into a college. But when we truly master the wisdom of running a marriage, the happiness and fulfillment it brings is even more than what any famous university can give us. A happy family is not only a source of our personal happiness, but also a cornerstone for contributing to our country and society.


Marriage Challenges for Highly Educated Couples

Some people, who have high education and culture, successful career and harmonious family, seem to have everything perfect. However, behind such perfection lies the challenge that they do not know how to run a marriage. They may be too rational and independent and neglect the most important emotional communication and mutual support in marriage.


A Few Taboos in Marriage

In the process of running a marriage, we often make some mistakes. Among them, the most common is the “motherhood abounds”: pleasing personality, giving personality, kindness without bottom line. Such behavioral patterns, although seemingly selfless, are actually destroying the balance and health of the marriage.


How to mold a man who is a top-notch man?

Both men and women play an integral role in a marriage. However, very often, we forget the responsibility and accountability that a man should have. A strong man should be able to bear the burden of the family and bring a sense of security to his wife and children. As wives, we also need to learn to show appropriate weakness and dependence, so that men have the opportunity to show their strength and wisdom.


Competition and cooperation between husband and wife

Between husband and wife, it is both a cooperative and competitive relationship. But this competition does not mean fighting and comparing with each other, but how to maintain independence while being able to support each other and grow together. Only such a competitive relationship can make a marriage stronger and happier.


Give children the best education

In the family, children are the best witnesses and learners. They learn how to behave in the world and how to treat others by observing their parents’ behavior and attitude. Therefore, the best education for children is to let them grow up in a warm and harmonious family where they learn to be grateful, competitive and cooperative.


Finding inner strength and shaping a happy family

In the heart of each of us, there is always that one thing or some people, let us day and night, and will even appear in the dream. These dreams, though different from real life, are often a reflection of our true inner feelings. As time goes by, we gradually understand that marriage is not only the union of two people, but also the integration of two families and two worlds. Therefore, we need to learn how to get along with each other’s families and how to deal with conflicts and clashes in the family. We respect each other’s family culture and habits, and at the same time we try to make our own family a warm, harmonious and loving harbor.

“Praise more, criticize less; give more, take less; accumulate more grace, accumulate less grudges”, so that we can cherish each other more in our marriage and know how to be grateful and give. Remember “never say divorce, never say break up”. We know that conflicts and disagreements in marriage are inevitable, but the key lies in how we face and solve them. Often, unintentional words can become the sharp edge that can hurt each other’s feelings. Therefore, we always remind ourselves to resolve conflicts with love and forgiveness instead of hurting each other with indifference and accusations. We avoid saying words that hurt our family members and instead use positive, positive words to encourage and support them. At the same time, we learn to think from each other’s point of view and understand their feelings and needs so as to communicate and exchange more deeply.



Running a marriage and family is an art that requires us to keep learning, keep trying, keep reflecting, and requires wisdom and courage. We need to learn how to communicate with our partners, how to get along with our families, and how to face the challenges and difficulties in life. At the same time, we need to learn how to invest in ourselves and how to become a wiser and more energized person. Only in this way can we reap the benefits of happiness and fulfillment in our marriages and families, so that every family member can feel warmth and care. Only when we have truly mastered this art can we have a happy and fulfilling family and life.


Dear family friends, let’s start today and treat our family members with more praise and respect! Run your marriage and family with all your heart and make our home full of love and happiness!

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