The study of visceral energy

The study of visceral energy

Congenital visceral energy and personality traits

Liver energy • Strong (index above 2):

Agile in action, mentally flexible.

Ambitious with strong decision-making skills.

Willing to help others, with a strong sense of justice.

Optimistic and open-minded, but prone to being radical and irritable. • Normal (index 1-1.5):

Adaptable, compassionate.

Energetic and lively, with a strong spirit.

Gentle and kind, with a pioneering talent. • Weak (index 0.5):

Compassionate and gentle.

Prone to confusion or feeling lost.

Prefers freedom without constraints. • Weak (index 0):

Pessimistic with excessive worries.

Weak in endurance and resilience.


Heart energy • Strong (index above 2):

Rational and courteous, with broad interests.

Confident and brave in pursuing goals.

Honest in actions, but impatient in temperament. • Normal (index 1-1.5):

Decisive personality with leadership abilities.

This description contains gibberish and needs correction. • Weak (index 0.5):

Ambitious with a cheerful and gentle disposition.

Polite and humble, not adept at making decisions. • Weak (index 0):

Indecisive, suffers from decision-making difficulties.

Slow to warm up, lacks confidence.

Strong dependency, sensitive and anxious.


Spleen energy • Strong (index above 2):

Honest and reliable, actions match words.

Strong coordination and social skills.

Detailed planning and diligent execution.

However, slow in action with a strong self-awareness. • Normal (index 1-1.5):

Honest and trustworthy.

Strong social skills, with planned actions.

Belongs to the coordinating type. • Weak (index 0.5):

Low-key and sincere in dealings.

Few genuine friends. • Weak (index 0):

Weak in restraint and coordination.

Poor at expressing oneself, enjoys solitude.

Strong self-protection awareness.


Lung energy • Strong (index above 2):

Honest and meticulous in work.

Upholds justice, strong execution, and authority.

However, overly rigid in understanding things, prone to stubbornness. • Normal (index 1-1.5):

Emotionally attached, serious in tasks.

Resolute and responsible, with courage.

Belongs to the practical type. • Weak (index 0.5):

Principled in actions, with execution skills.

Slow in action but persistent. • Weak (index 0):

Indecisive in actions, values money and fame.

Easygoing but reserved in speech.


Kidney energy • Strong (index above 2):

Intelligent and knowledgeable.

Adaptive, perceptive, and eloquent.

Flexible in handling situations, calm in demeanor. • Normal (index 1-1.5):

Intelligent and studious, with adaptability.

Strong comprehension and adaptability.

Belongs to the advisory and planning type. • Weak (index 0.5):

Agile and studious, with perceptiveness.

Strong adaptability and flexibility.

Calm in demeanor. • Weak (index 0):

Curious, with divergent thinking.

Acts based on personal principles, avoids conflicts.

Prone to forgetfulness.


Deficient fire energy • Strong (index above 2):

High artistic talent, active thinking.

Prefers innovation, rich imagination. • Normal (index 1-1.5):

Moderately artistic, with active thinking.

Innovative with a rich imagination. • Weak (index 0.5):

Artistic talent, sensitive and emotional.

Sometimes adheres to conventions, sometimes active in thinking. • Weak (index 0):


Adheres strictly to routines.

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