The Four Famous Mountains of Southern Guangdong: the emerald on the Tropic of Cancer, the stunning secret of Dinghu Mountain!

Introduction: Do you long to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and look for a quiet and pure land where your soul can be truly relaxed and nourished? Today, Xinyan is going to recommend you the magical secret land hidden in Lingnan, Dinghu Mountain, which is known as the “emerald on the Tropic of Cancer”! It is not only a masterpiece of nature, but also a perfect fusion of humanity and nature, waiting for you to unveil its mysterious veil.


Dinghu Mountain: the treasure of Lingnan, the poetry of nature

Dinghu Mountain National Nature Reserve, established in 1956, is the first nature reserve in China, located in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. The mountains here are steep and mountainous, as if they were carefully carved by nature over hundreds of millions of years. The mountains are covered with green trees, birds and flowers, and every step is filled with natural freshness and tranquility. When you climb to the top of the mountain, overlooking the entire scenic area, the kind of spectacular and shock, you can not help but marvel at the magical charm of nature.


Natural beauty: green and vibrant

The natural landscape of Dinghu Mountain is very unique. The mountain is covered by dense vegetation, with lush trees that are evergreen in all seasons. The mountain streams are gurgling and crystal clear, as if they are the blood of nature, nourishing the land. Here, you can breathe fresh air to your heart’s content and feel the gift of nature. The reserve is rich in biodiversity, one of the richest areas in South China, and is known by biologists as a “treasure trove of species” and a “gene repository”. Strolling among the mountains and forests, you will be attracted by those exotic flowers and rare animals, as if you are in a magical kingdom of animals and plants. Its negative ion content is the highest in the country, and it enjoys the reputation of “natural oxygen bar”.


Rhythm of Culture: Ancient Rhythm and Brilliant Humanities

Dinghu Mountain is not only a natural scenic spot, but also an important carrier of Lingnan culture. It is rich in historical relics and folk culture, which are closely related to the lives of local residents. In Dinghu Mountain, you can appreciate the ancient temple buildings and feel the strong religious atmosphere. You can also savor authentic Lingnan cuisine, such as Dinghu Mountain Spring Water Tofu Flower and Dinghu Mountain Tea, which will give your taste buds a taste of the unique flavor of Lingnan as well.


Qingyun Temple

Dinghu Mountain has been a famous Buddhist shrine and tourist attraction since the Tang Dynasty. High monks gathered, thirty-six Zhanti were built around it, and there were more and more pilgrims and tourists coming to worship and visit. Ming Chongzhen years, that is, 1633 AD, the mountain master Liang Shaochuan Lotus Peak built Lotus Ann, the next year and ushered in the monk Qigu monk into the mountain as host, rebuild the door, change the Lotus Ann for the Qingyun Temple, to the Qing Dynasty, the Qingyun Temple scale is getting bigger and bigger, become the first of the four great temples of Lingnan.


Visiting Tips: How to play Dinghu Mountain?

1. The best time to visit: spring and fall are the most beautiful time in Dinghu Mountain. At this time, the climate is pleasant and the scenery is beautiful, which is the best time to visit Dinghu Mountain.

2. Transportation: You can choose to drive to Dinghu Mountain and enjoy the scenery along the way; you can also take public transportation, such as buses and cabs, which is convenient and fast.

3. Ticket Price: The ticket price of Dinghu Mountain is very reasonable, you can choose the right type of ticket according to your budget.

During the visit, please make sure to protect the environment, abide by the regulations of the scenic spot and visit in a civilized way. Meanwhile, you can also take part in some interesting activities, such as hiking and climbing, picnic camping, etc., to make your journey more colorful.

Take action and experience the charm of Dinghu Mountain for yourself!

Dinghu Mountain is a masterpiece of nature and a treasure of humanity. Here, you can feel the magic of nature and appreciate the unique flavor of Lingnan culture. Whether you are hiking and viewing the scenery, savoring the food, or taking part in the cultural activities, you will have an unforgettable journey in Dinghu Mountain. Xinyan is also particularly fond of getting close to nature! I believe this magical land will be the home of your soul and fill your journey with wonderful memories!