The door can not be against the mirror

The door should not be facing a mirror. As the front door hedge is originally belongs to the bad luck, if you face the mirror, it will introduce the external bad luck into the room. In addition to the gate, the kitchen door, toilet door, bedroom door, etc. is also can not be directly opposite the mirror.


1, The role of the main door is the role of the outside world is auspicious. However, if the door directly opposite the place to install mirrors, the door of the direct impact of the adverse effects of the expansion, but easy to lead to family disharmony, quarrels intensified, emotional impulsiveness.

2, In addition, feng shui, “the door to the mirror, wealth does not enter the door”. If the door is facing the mirror, the home is prone to thieves, easy to have theft. And, what’s going on in the house, it is easy for the outside world to know quickly.

3, Furthermore, because the front door has a mirror, passing by is easy to produce unexpected figure, often lead to be frightened, so the family’s mental health is unfavorable.


Methods of remediation

1.The best way is to move the mirror away from the door, then the mirror and door are not in the same straight line.

2.Also you can move the mirror to the side of the door (on the figure), not only to ensure that the whole has a reasonable functions, but also to avoid the taboo of feng shui.

3.In addition, you can also cover the mirror with a curtain or a cover, and then lift it up when you use it. This is not only practical, but also a way to remove the bad luck that comes from the mirror.

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