Signs of a family moving up

12 core events
1. Facts > Emotions
For example, who will manage the money? The ultimate goal is to maximize the interests of the family. Whoever can manage finances will manage it. For example, who is in charge of children’s learning? The ultimate goal is to ensure that children have learning ability and performance. Whoever has the method will take care of it. Remember, responsibilities and rights come with them.
2. The economic base determines the superstructure
Poor and humble couples must have the ability to make money. It is best for both of them to have income. In the decades-long marriage, money can increase stability and resist family risks.
3. Stable atmosphere
In an emotionally stable family, there is less mental friction between the husband and wife, and all energy is spent on upward development, and the children can grow up easily and happily.
4. Have a planned life
Husband and wife should divide the work and can cooperate, but when there are differences, the dominant person has the final say. For example, one is responsible for pursuing growth, and the other is responsible for maintaining stability; one is responsible for ensuring income, and the other is responsible for the health of the family; one is responsible for children’s studies, and the other is responsible for outdoor activities. Only by understanding each other can we go further.
5. Maintain the upward channel
At least one of the couple should be a lifelong learner. It would be better if two people expand outward together. The latest knowledge, concepts and abilities are the guarantee for keeping up with the times.
6. Deal with your respective parents well
First, focus on your own small family, and then use the two families as a supplement. Many family conflicts begin to worsen due to intergenerational parenting and conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The relationship between husband and wife is the most important link among all relationships, far higher than the relationship between parent-child and family of origin.
7. Do everything by your own efforts.
With this belief, when facing your lover’s efforts, you will not take it for granted, but will be full of gratitude. In return, I will work harder. Don’t place all your future expectations on your children. This is evading responsibility and will stop people from moving forward.
8. Always value education
Without education, a child’s best achievement is to become the same person as his parents. With education, children can surpass their parents, change their destiny, and even cross class.
9. Grasp important nodes
There are only a few nodes that can change your destiny, so don’t waste them easily. For example, when a loved one chooses to continue working or starting a business, when a child chooses to apply for a major, or when a family wants to change their city life.
10. Husband and wife achieve mutual success
Never turn your lover into an enemy. If both parties combined are not as happy as being single, it is better to be alone. But as long as we are still husband and wife, we should not hate each other, otherwise we will get nothing but internal friction.
11. Pay attention to physical health
Exercise actively and have regular physical examinations. Ordinary families will continue to fall when they encounter a serious illness.
12. Discuss big things and make allowances for small things.
Less control, life’s little troubles are okay, there’s no need to blame each other.

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