Shunfeng Villa: Taste the authentic flavors of Shunde

Shunde cuisine has always had a place in Chinese food documentaries. With its unique culinary culture, this treasure of Lingnan has been honored as the “Gourmet Capital of the World” and the “Hometown of Chinese Chefs”. Whenever Shunde is mentioned, the unforgettable food comes to mind.

From CCTV’s “China on the tip of the tongue” to “Taste of Shunde”, to Hunan TV’s “Taste of China” and Zhejiang TV’s “Hahahahahahaha”, the charm of Shunde’s food has conquered the taste buds of the national audience time and again. Each dish demonstrates the richness and diversity of Shunde cuisine and conveys Shunde people’s love and pursuit of food.

In order for you to taste Shunde cuisine without stepping on mines or getting lost, the XinYan has visited the restaurant and recommends Shunfeng Villa for you.


Shunfeng Villa: Authentic Shunde Cuisine

Shunfeng Villa is a well-known restaurant in Shunde. As the first Shunde restaurant enterprise to go out, Shunfeng Villa entered Beijing in 1993 and successfully gained a firm foothold and a group of loyal fans. It has gathered first-class famous chefs from Shunde, and is famous for its local flavor dishes, sea food, steamed seafood and other delicious dishes.

Walking into Shunfeng Villa, the simple and elegant decoration style makes you feel like being in the Lingnan water town. From the decoration to the dishes, every place reveals the restaurant’s intention. A colorful and fragrant food is to make people forget to come back.


Recommended dishes:

Sliced Duck: Crispy skin and tender meat, full of aroma.

Sliced abalone with scallop and rice oil: smooth and tender with delicious soup.

Steamed Fish with Big Harvest: Tender fish with rich side dishes.

Roasted goose in open hearth: crispy skin and tender meat, sweet and savory.

Split Fish Soup: clear and flavorful soup with delicate fish meat.

Stir-fried Boston Lobster with Glutinous Rice: rich in flavor, with the softness of the glutinous rice and the freshness of the lobster.

Grilled Eel with Pomelo Peel: The fresh aroma of pomelo peel and the tenderness of eel combine perfectly.

Wild Mushroom Crispy Bean Curd Rolls: Healthy and delicious vegetarian dishes, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a rich texture.

Shunfeng Villa is a good choice for a small gathering with friends or a festive gathering with family. Not only can you savor the authentic Shunde flavor, but you can also feel the unique love and relentless pursuit of Shunde people’s food.

Yesterday, XinYan visited and tasted the food at Shunfeng Villa, which is unforgettable and highly recommended! Let’s go to Shunfeng Villa for a mesmerizing culinary journey!

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