Seeking ‘Xin-self’ between History and Culinary Delights

Over two thousand years ago,

A city rose from the ground,

The ancient city of “Chuting” has weathered a thousand years of vicissitudes,

Transforming with grace.


Two thousand years of wind and rain,

From the ancient city to the new,

GuangzhouHas been evolving.

This is a story about the impressions of Guangzhou.


Are you ready to listen?


Guangzhou, a city where one can deeply feel the sediment of history while experiencing the pace of life amidst the tide of modernization. As a blogger who loves this city, “Xinyan Sees the World,” I want to record the unique feelings Guangzhou gives me with the most authentic brushstrokes. From its ancient streets to modern skyscrapers, from its long-standing historical culture to its rich culinary culture, Guangzhou always welcomes tourists from around the world with the most inclusive attitude.

The trajectory of history


Walking on the streets of Guangzhou, you will find a perfect fusion of history and modernity. The interplay of ancient buildings and modern commercial towers makes one feel as if they are traveling through a time tunnel. History has given Guangzhou a unique charm that no other modern metropolis can replicate.


Sunlight on the City of Rams


The new central axis divides Guangzhou’s past and present,


One side is history,


The other is the future.




The temptation of food


When it comes to Guangzhou, how can one not mention its cuisine? Guangzhou’s culinary culture is an important part of its urban culture. Here, food is not just about satisfying one’s appetite but also a way of life and cultural heritage. For example, Guangzhou’s morning tea culture is a ritual that combines food and social interaction. In the bustling tea houses, people come not only to taste the exquisite dim sum but also to enjoy the time spent with family and friends.


And when it comes to representative Guangzhou dishes, how can one not mention cheong fun and wonton noodles? Cheong fun, a simple yet highly versatile snack, thin as cicada wings and smooth in texture, is the preferred breakfast for many Guangzhou locals. Wonton noodles, known for their delicious broth and chewy noodles, can bring satisfaction whether enjoyed in the morning or late at night.




Modernity and vitality


Guangzhou’s modern face is equally impressive. The skyline of Zhujiang New Town not only showcases Guangzhou’s economic strength but also serves as a testament to the city’s progress towards modernization. In every corner of this city, one can feel its vitality and spirit of innovation.

The blend of cultures


As an international metropolis, Guangzhou’s openness and inclusiveness are deeply felt. The people here have a high acceptance of new things, and both international cuisines and foreign cultures can find their place here. This cultural blend makes Guangzhou a melting pot of diversity, attracting people from all over the world.


Guangzhou has given me so many surprises and touches. Every time I stroll through her streets, there are new discoveries and experiences. Here, I have witnessed the intersection of history and modernity, experienced the charm of culinary culture, and felt the city’s infinite vitality and innovation. Guangzhou, a city with warmth, depth, and stories, interprets what true life is in its own way.