Secrets Of Happiness

Secrets of happiness

HEY · Be a person with light in your heart

The secret to happiness is not simply to pursue the accumulation of wealth, but to build on a deep wisdom.
This wisdom includes a deep understanding of life and the pursuit of quality of life. True happiness comes from the fulfillment and harmony of the inner world. It comes from understanding the value and meaning of life, and distinguishing what is our wealth and what is our liability. This kind of wisdom requires us to transcend the material world and perceive the beauty and inherent true value of life.
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In this noisy world, we are often driven by material satisfaction and external success, but true happiness does not lie there. It is a kind of inner peace and satisfaction, and it is gratitude and understanding of all the good things in life. Only when we know how to cherish the present, understand our own hearts, and pursue things that truly make us happy, can we truly experience the richness and beauty of life.
Assets are the foundation of our lives. At the same time, assets can also be understood to create positive energy for our lives, allowing us to enjoy life better. This is especially true for high-quality assets. Debt inadvertently consumes our precious energy and wealth. Although from the perspective of wealth, a certain level of debt may have certain positive meanings, no one wants to live in a state of debt. This topic will be explored in detail in a future article. The public’s pursuit of wealth is often a long and typical road: through unremitting study and work, efforts to save money, hoping to eventually reach the other side of prosperity. However, the truly wealthy choose a more sophisticated path – continuous learning, hard work, and wise investment in various assets, whether tangible or intangible. By continuously optimizing their asset portfolio, they have grown their wealth. This is obviously different from simply repeating work and spending your life time for others in exchange for reward. This type of people find the path to wealth and freedom early and have more control over their lives. How to spend money with higher quality, how to spend more valuable money, and how to enjoy life better are the themes of their lives. ​
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Remember, even a generous salary income is not a real asset, because the essence of an asset lies in whether it can continue to bring you income when you let it go. Those investments that can continue to bring you income when you are not working, such as rents from rental properties, royalties from books, and self-media accounts that can continue to generate income, are the real assets. The properties that you live in and the cars that you use on a daily basis are more likely to be liabilities.
Lifestyle choices also affect our assets and liabilities. Unhealthy habits, such as haphazard eating and lack of sleep, will inadvertently increase our liabilities; while a positive attitude towards life, such as regular exercise and a balanced diet, will stabilize and increase our assets. Choosing friends who are positive and can promote each other’s growth will help us increase our assets indirectly; while those who are negative and hold us back may inadvertently negatively affect our life status and increase our liabilities.
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On the journey of life, choosing a partner who can join hands with you and grow together is also a high-quality experience in life. Such an alliance will make the family not only overflowing with wealth, but also enjoy the dual gifts of health and happiness. Maintaining a keen awareness of assets and liabilities will make every choice full of wisdom. Becoming a valuable person and bringing positive energy to those around you is the greatest investment you can make in yourself. Even if we are unable to directly manage large assets in the initial stage, we can start small and gradually build our own path to wealth. This is a journey that is both practical and romantic. It is not only about the accumulation of wealth, but also about how to gracefully sail the ocean of life and finally reach the other side of happiness.
In 2024, Hao Yan sincerely wishes everyone the ability to sail steadily to hold their own happiness! Many blessings to my dear readers.

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