Revisiting My Alma Mater: Seeking the Light of Knowledge at the University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is one of Australia’s leading research universities and my beloved alma mater. I graduated from my alma mater with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree before returning to China for development.

Eight years have passed since my student days at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), but those formative years are still fresh in my mind. Recently, taking advantage of the 2024 Chinese New Year holiday, I returned to my alma mater and embarked on a nostalgic journey to rekindle the joy of academic pursuits and relive the happy learning days.

Changes and Unchanges on Campus

Now a light rail has been built in front of the university, making transportation very convenient. It takes fifteen minutes to reach the urban town hall. Australian universities have no walls. Both tourists and locals can enter and visit, and the library can also be accessed. This is not only UNSW, but also Australian universities are very open. For students who are thirsty for knowledge, when they come to our school, it is really an ocean of knowledge that they can sail freely.

As I stepped onto the familiar grounds of UNSW, a wave of emotion washed over me. This week on campus is O-week, which is the first week of school. When I went there, the school was bustling with freshmen learning about various societies and having lively discussions. As I walked onto the upper campus, the iconic Main Library towered into the sky, silently bearing witness to countless lectures, seminars, and late-night study sessions that shaped my academic journey.

Late night discussions, day after day exploration

I especially miss late-night discussions with professors and classmates about academic issues. At that time, we sat around the corner of the library discussing everything from philosophy to physics, and that atmosphere of thirst for knowledge still inspires me to this day. I still remember working on projects with classmates from all over the world. We learned, respected and appreciated each other, which made me deeply appreciate the charm of cultural diversity and the power of teamwork.

UNSW not only instilled in me a desire for lifelong learning and a spirit of inquiry, but also enabled me to maintain the habit of lifelong learning. These spirits have always guided me. Never Stand Still is our school motto. Encourage us to actively explore and create our lives and enrich our life experience. Every lecture hall, library nook and public space carries memories of intellectual exploration, personal growth and camaraderie that transcend the boundaries of time.


One of the most profound moments of my return visit was revisiting the library, a sanctuary of learning that is ten stories high. Here I spent countless hours poring over textbooks, conducting research, and delving into the depths of knowledge. As I run my fingers over the rows of books that have been with me, I am reminded of the insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge that once drove me in my academic pursuits. It has been a humbling experience to reflect on the transformative power of education and the role of college in shaping the trajectory of my life.

Gratitude and expectation

The moment I left UNSW, I was filled with gratitude and a new sense of purpose. I took away a lot of clothes from my alma mater, expressing my deep affection for this academic holy land. This revisiting not only reconnected me with my past, but also strengthened my commitment to lifelong learning and the search for truth.

I will continue to bravely move forward on the road of life with the knowledge and memories that UNSW has given me. In this ever-changing world, UNSW taught me not only knowledge, but also an attitude towards life—always moving forward and never stopping.

I hope my story can inspire every reader to maintain their thirst for knowledge and love for life, no matter where they are. Let us bravely move into the future together and explore this wonderful world. I look forward to meeting, getting to know, and accompanying you on the journey in 2024!