Names are relevant to various aspects of a person’s life

Chinese characters have over 96,000,

but only around 3,600 are applicable to onomastics.

Many characters cannot be used in names, such as the character “天” (tian).


Men are not gods, women are not fairies.

A person in the universe is like a speck of dust.

How can a speck of dust bear the immense magnetic energy of the heavens?

It cannot bear it and will undoubtedly face calamity.


For instance, if a person can only carry 100 kilograms,

giving them 1,000 or 10,000 kilograms will overwhelm them.

This leads to a lack of inner strength, lack of confidence, and a sense of confusion.

They are unable to think clearly, unable to complete their studies, and unable to navigate social relationships.

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