Metaphysics Reminder: Engage in High-Energy Activities!

Embracing a high-energy lifestyle signifies adopting a positive attitude towards life.

It goes beyond surface-level states and positively impacts our overall well-being.

An optimistic mindset and positive outlook on life can alleviate stress, bring more joy and happiness, and help us navigate life’s challenges.

A positive mindset also enhances the functioning of our immune system, reduces bodily tension, and promotes overall balance.

By choosing a high-energy lifestyle and relying on optimism, we are more likely to maintain good physical health and increase our resilience.

A high-energy lifestyle significantly boosts work efficiency and creativity as well.

High-Energy Activities:

Exercise, getting enough sleep, waking up early, watching movies, listening to music, singing, dancing, writing, traveling, drinking tea, enjoying fragrances, arranging flowers, meditating, wine tasting, trying new dishes, reading, calligraphy, appreciating art, reciting scriptures, playing musical instruments.

Burning incense, gardening, admiring the moon, listening to the rain, stargazing, sunbathing, admiring snow, bird-watching, fish-watching, hot springs, foot baths, hiking, enjoying panoramic views, walking, boating, mountain climbing, playing in water, visiting historical sites, seeking tranquility, forgetting worries, doing good deeds, practicing generosity, among others.

Low-Energy Activities:

Staying up late, smoking, excessive drinking, binge eating, starvation, overworking, watching horror movies, consuming negative news, excessive smartphone use, seeking fortune-telling, blaming others without introspection, frequent complaining, acting maliciously, extreme selfishness, stinginess, habitual lying, constant grudges, and conflicts.

What qualifies as high energy and low energy?

  1. Positive High Energy: Serenity, composure, joy, relaxation, rejuvenation, living in harmony with the present moment, unifying inner and outer self, uplifting others.
  2. Positive Secondary Energy: Vitality, abundant energy, excitement, enthusiasm, complete focus, colorful experiences, positive challenges, self-improvement.
  3. Negative High Energy: Anger, resentment, doubt, frustration, worry, impatience, stress, negative challenges, perceiving everything as problems.
  4. Negative Secondary Energy: Regret, guilt, jealousy, inferiority, despair, defeat, shame, embarrassment, blame.

To improve life conditions and increase happiness, we must possess the power of love.

Love is a profound connection that empowers us to achieve greater heights.

How to Harness Energy?

In reality, life is a continuous process of acquiring and releasing energy.

Apart from obtaining energy from food, many are unaware that we also need to draw energy from the void, which can be achieved through emptiness and stillness.

The ultimate level of cultivation is to be utterly empty and profoundly still.

In this state, we can effortlessly absorb the energy of the universe.

First, you must calm your mind, as stillness signifies reducing the consumption of energy.

Then, emptiness allows you to absorb energy from the cosmic realm.

The type of energy you attract depends on your inner state. Like attracts like.

The more love you give, the more love you receive. The more gratitude you express, the more you will have. Gratitude is a mandatory lesson in life.

When we understand gratitude and continuously release positive emotions to the universe, we can ignite boundless energy within ourselves. This inner power will continue to strengthen, making it easier to attain more joy and happiness.


By delighting those around us, people from afar will naturally come to us.

Therefore, we should prioritize our energy on those who already love and accept us.


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