Luhu Park: The Hidden ‘Peach Blossom Spring’ Amidst the Bustle


Guangzhou, known as the ‘City of Flowers’, is not only embraced by parks but also dotted with numerous ‘urban oases’, as if offering a sanctuary for people to escape the hustle and bustle.

‘Surrounded by mountains, with beautiful waters; half hidden by ridges, with the sound of waves’. Perhaps the most beautiful park in Guangzhou is Luhu Park, located at the southern foot of Baiyun Mountain. Turning off from the bustling city center onto Luhu Road, the picturesque scenery of mountains and clear waters always gives the impression of entering another world.


In spring, the park is adorned with colorful flowers; in summer, lush greenery covers the hillsides; autumn brings a riot of colors to the forests, and in winter, the serene waters reflect the tranquility. Nestled amidst mountains and waters, the park is filled with the fragrance of flowers and the chirping of birds. Building upon its evergreen scenery, the park is adorned with cherry blossoms in spring and redwoods around the lake in autumn, radiating a vibrant and flourishing atmosphere, becoming a harmonious habitat for all creatures and attracting people to step out of their homes to embrace nature.


Luhu Park is an unfenced large-scale landscape park, with municipal roads running along its edge. Among Guangzhou’s four major artificial lakes, Luhu covers an area of 205 hectares, with a water area of 21 hectares. Originally a depression, it was dammed and turned into a reservoir in 1958, initially named Youyugang Reservoir due to its location near Youyugang in the southern foothills. Later, it was renamed Jinye Pool. In 1965, it was renamed Luhu due to its location at the foot of Baiyun Mountain. It wasn’t until 1984 that Guangzhou designated it as a comprehensive park with a layout emphasizing mountains and lakes. By then, Luhu Park had become the recognized backyard garden for locals.



Entering Luhu Park

Visitors can explore the historic site of Baiyun Xianguan, originally built in the Qing Dynasty and frequented by literati and poets, where the deity Lu Dongbin is worshipped.


Also, within the park are two sub-parks: Xinghai Park and Jufang Park, located at opposite ends of Xinghai Bridge.

Xian Xinghai, a renowned composer who created immortal works like “Yellow River Cantata” and “March of the Volunteers,” is deeply respected and admired. Xinghai Park, situated by the lake in Luhu Park, was built in memory of this great figure. Along the majestic pathway, visitors encounter a solemn statue of Xian Xinghai, beneath which lies some of his ashes. This great musician rests here for eternity.



Jufang Park features a statue of another great Guangdong musician, Ma Sicong, with the musical score of “Homeland Melody” inscribed on it.


At the summit of Honghu Mountain in Jufang Park stands the first floor of Zhushui Yunshan. The main building of Honghu Tower is octagonal in shape and bears some resemblance to the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan. It has been described as “standing rain and shine, Luhu’s Honghu forms a pair of walls, fluttering wind and moon, Zhushui Yunshan’s first floor,” echoing the sentiment of “the Yellow Crane in the north, and the Honghu in the south.” Built in 1987, the Honghu Tower is 24.5 meters high with five floors, embodying the cultural characteristics of Lingnan. From atop the tower, one can overlook landmarks such as the CITIC Plaza in the central Tianhe district, the East and West Towers of Huacheng Square, and the “Little Waist” of the Pearl River’s southern bank.



The enchanting scenery of Luhu Park


With its mixed forests of Chinese fir, Taiwan acacia, and bamboo, exudes charm throughout the seasons. Against the backdrop of blue skies and white clouds, attractions like Jufang Park, Lotus Pond, Half-Mountain Zhiyiting Pavilion, Five-story Pavilion, Cuiyun Pavilion, and Baiyun Xianguan offer endless delights, making this natural spectacle a place where visitors linger.


The “Cloud Path,” connecting the eight major urban parks in Guangzhou, has become one of the city’s hottest attractions in recent years. The “Luhu Section,” passing through Luhu Park, is particularly admired by locals and tourists alike. This section, characterized by its predominant orange-yellow color scheme, has injected more vitality and laughter into the beautiful Luhu Park.


Occasionally, herons and egrets can be seen hunting for food on the water surface, while a wooden house stands on the lake, serving as the “home” for several black swans in the Luhu scenic area. Various bird species also inhabit the small island in the middle of the lake. Along the shores of Luhu, it is common to see tourists with all kinds of cameras patiently waiting for the perfect moment to capture the birds and the lake scenery.


Here, one can recount the tales of literati and poets at Baiyun Xianguan, receive patriotic education in Xinghai Park;

stroll along the Cloud Path or ascend to the top for panoramic views of the city;

admire the lake and mountain scenery or revel in the fragrance of bamboo forests and flowers;

gaze at the graceful swans or listen to the whispers of birds and crickets.


In addition to the cultural landscapes, the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, located on the south side of Luhu, is also worth visiting for its rich and distinctive collection. If you wish to savor traditional Cantonese cuisine, the prominent Luming Restaurant by the lake is an excellent choice.



As spring approaches, everything revives, teeming with vitality. The pink bauhinia blossoms weave a romantic sea of pink with their unique charm, becoming a beautiful scenery line in Luhu Park. The delicate pink petals sway gently in the warm spring sunshine, resembling the tender cheeks of young maidens. Amidst this sea of pink, why not take a break from the busy pace of life, and find tranquility in Luhu Park, sharing the beauty of spring with family and friends, leaving behind fond memories.


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