Insight into Liberation: The Path to Inner Peace and Freedom


In the vast realm of Tibetan Buddhism, there exists a mysterious image inherited from the Shidepa lineage. This image holds not only profound religious significance but also possesses miraculous effects on treating eye disorders in modern humans. It is said that gazing at this image daily can alleviate eye fatigue and even aid in the treatment of conditions such as myopia. However, the true value of this image extends far beyond these benefits.

When we gaze at this image with reverence, our eyes seem to transcend the boundaries of time and space, merging with the pure vision of the Bodhisattva. Those eyes, like clear mirrors, possess the ability to discern the differences of myriad phenomena and perceive the ultimate truth of all things. The flawless Dharma eye can even behold the pure lands of the Buddhas, allowing us to experience the vastness of the Buddha’s teachings deep within our hearts.

The pure Dharma eye, free from attachments and constraints, enables us to perceive the world from a fresh perspective. In this view, all beings and phenomena are no longer isolated entities but interconnected and mutually influencing parts of a whole. The penetrating wisdom eye can lead us to the shore of wisdom, where we find true liberation and tranquility on the journey of life.

When we truly attain the Buddha’s eye, we can enlighten and benefit sentient beings with wisdom and compassion. This not only elevates our individual practice but also contributes to the entire world.


How to comprehend this?

To truly comprehend the profound meaning embedded in this image is no easy task. It requires unwavering faith, profound cultivation, and the empowering blessing of initiation. Only when we receive the empowering initiation and then gaze at this image can we experience its profound mysteries and wonders.

The key to understanding this image lies in the wisdom of prajna (transcendent insight). Prajna is the discerning wisdom that penetrates the illusory nature of all dualistic phenomena, transcending the attachment to subject and object. When we gaze at this image with the wisdom of prajna, we can surpass the limitations of subject-object duality and experience the emptiness where the universe and ourselves are inseparable, and all sentient beings are interconnected.

This emptiness is not a void devoid of substance but a realm of transcending time, space, and life and death. In this realm, we are no longer troubled by worldly afflictions or entangled by fame and fortune. Instead, we can face all challenges and difficulties in life with a liberated state of mind.

Gazing at this Tibetan Buddhist image is not only a care for our eye health but also a baptism and elevation of our inner selves. It allows us to find a place of tranquility amidst the busyness of life, to walk further on the path of cultivation, and ultimately achieve true liberation and happiness.


May we all be guided by the prajna eye, comprehend the essence and meaning of life through contemplation, and strive for liberation in our spiritual journey. May we all find our own pure land in this complex world and attain genuine inner peace and freedom.

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