Several major factors that affect life’s destiny (luck):

In Feng Shui, people stand because of their houses, and their houses exist because of their people. People and houses support each other and cannot be independent. The environment your family lives in is your Feng Shui and has a lot to do with your life!

A name is justifiable. It follows a person’s life and is the shortest incantation. Writing it is equivalent to drawing a talisman; calling it is equivalent to chanting a mantra. A good name, every time it is written or called, is the blessing and accumulation of energy, and is a beautiful blessing. !

Numbers, every number has energy. The higher the frequency of use, the greater the impact. Do you know the lucky numbers in your life?

Diet, three meals a day is essential. According to the prosperity and decline of the five elements of our body, reasonably customized meals are not only beneficial to our health, but also conducive to our achievements in life!

Color, light, is a kind of energy, which is called “color” in our real life. What we wear every day affects our emotions, career, emotions, and health!

Learning improves cognition, and it’s easy for one person to learn and the whole family benefits.

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