How to link energy

Go more into nature, feel the vegetation, feel the mountains and rivers and the long sky, feel the return of spring and the resurrection of all things on the earth.
Injecting new vitality into yourself in the new year is to let go of the old and embrace the new.
For example, wash your hands with river water, hug a big tree, and observe the buds.
Look up at the blue sky and starry sky more. These are external effects and great supplements.
Whenever you see rubbish, pick it up and keep yourself in a good state.
Everything is silent, but it has always loved us deeply. Whatever we can feel and experience from it, we will be empowered by it.
If you feel the stability of the mountain, you can become stable;
If you feel the tolerance of water, you can become tolerance;
If you feel the sky’s non-attachment, you will sit back and watch the storm surge.
What you are constantly connected to and what you feel shows what is inside you and what is manifesting.
Only when a person accumulates more positive energy can he feel and attract all kinds of good things.
If you are always full of negative energy, then nothing you see will be pleasing to your eye.
Life is always filled with some gloom.
So you can tell what state you are in by looking within.
If your state is not right, you should adjust your frequency in time to see if the four hearts of compassion, joy and equanimity are still there?
Is there any progress today compared to yesterday?
Get in touch with more high-energy people, get in touch with nature, and connect with beautiful things.
The purpose is to change your mind and tune your frequency. You have to become a better version of yourself and maintain it after you change.
Believe in yourself and it will get better and better.

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