How Clothing Impacts Perception and Empowers Individuals

In the Yuan Dynasty play “Suifan Shu”, there is a line that says,

“Respect the robe before respecting the person, and respect the appearance before respecting the soul.”

This means that when we see a person, the first impression we get is based on their appearance. People instinctively have a favorable impression and show respect to those who are dressed cleanly and neatly.

On the other hand, people tend to not pay as much attention to those who are unkempt.

The “robe”  refers to the external presentation of our physical condition.

People who appear confident and composed, with a radiant appearance, are more likely to receive appreciation and affirmation from others compared to those who appear insecure and disheveled.

Therefore, your image is your best business card.


The better your image, the more privileges and opportunities you will receive.

UNICEF conducted an experiment where they had the same young girl appear in front of people in a clean and tidy appearance and a disheveled appearance, to observe their reactions.

When the girl with a clean appearance stood on the street looking lost and confused, passersby approached and asked if she needed help.

However, when the same girl wore dirty clothes and stood in the same place, no one was willing to pay attention to her.

This world truly judges others based on appearance.


When I first heard this story, I strongly believed that wearing clothes with positive energy can truly change a person’s destiny.

Scientists have already discovered that matter is composed of consciousness and energy. If you can harness the energy of material objects in a proper way, you will attract more material wealth and improve your own emotions.

If you want to become richer and more charming, you need to be in contact with clothing that possesses high-energy qualities. You may ask, how can you judge whether a piece of clothing has high-energy characteristics?

First and foremost, the appearance of the clothing should provide a sense of beauty. The human subconscious is infinitely drawn to beautiful things.

In the consciousness energy hierarchy of humans, the energy level of beauty reaches above 500 points.

If the clothing itself is beautifully designed, it undoubtedly proves that it embodies the great creativity and inspiration of the designer. Just by seeing it, your energy level will be elevated.

If you can wield it, it will help you achieve your goals.

Secondly, you should consider the craftsmanship of the garments, including the meticulousness from the fabric to the stitching. Simply put, it reflects the effort and focus invested by the craftsmen.

In a good piece of clothing, you can see the dedication behind it.

The third point is the person who wears the clothing. If a piece of clothing has been worn by someone with a high energy level, the energy of the clothing will also soar.

When you put it on, you will feel empowered. For example, many clothing brands experience a surge in sales after enlisting celebrity endorsers, which is the result of celebrities empowering the clothing.


Which energies in clothing can transform your temperament?

  1. Mindset: Those who are willing to pursue beauty. Beauty is a symbol that allows you to be positive and proactive in all aspects; otherwise, you would not be interested in aesthetics.
  2. State: If your outfit is well put together, it directly indicates that you are in a good state. On the other hand, dressing well demands that you showcase your best states.
  3. Form: To be beautiful, you must first have a better appearance. Therefore, you will inevitably start to cultivate self-discipline, love yourself more, and become confident and demanding.

I used to not understand this principle and believed that clothing was merely an external thing. However, I must admit that dressing with confidence and beauty does bring more opportunities.

Only by leaving behind clothing that is filled with gratitude, joy, and self-confidence, even if it is not in large quantities, but rather streamlined, retaining classic styles, can I clearly realize the person I want to become.

Please believe that clothing carries energy. The reason why certain styles endure is not the style itself, but the inheritance of a certain spirit.

For example, independent innovation, love, and courage have given clothing brands tremendous energy. This is the true reason why styles transcend time and remain timeless.


No matter what happened in the past, start today by exposing yourself to clothing with energy because it will make you more confident and beautiful.

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