Hawkins Energy Levels: The Secret to Achieving Wealth Management and Inner Sublimation

As the host of “XinYan see the World”, I often share knowledge about financial wisdom and investment skills with readers. However, wealth management is not just about money; it is also closely related to our inner state. In this article, I will introduce you to the Hawkins Energy Levels chart, which reveals the different levels of human consciousness evolution and inner sublimation.



In the Hawkins Energy Levels chart, we can see different levels, from the bottom level of negative emotions to the peak of spiritual awakening. Our goal is to gradually elevate our energy levels to achieve inner peace and abundance, not just the pursuit of material wealth.



At the peak level of “Enlightenment“, we reach a state of unity and selflessness. This is the pinnacle of consciousness, transcending the concept of the individual and merging with the universe. At this level, we feel infinite power and wisdom.


Next is the level of “Peace“, where we shut down the senses and enter a spiritual state. We become calm, serene, and deeply connected to the universe.


The “Joy” level brings us compassion and enduring optimism. We become very patient, focusing on the beautiful things in life and truly experiencing the feeling of happiness.


The level of “Love” focuses us on the beauty of life, truly understanding and experiencing the power of love. We become truly happy individuals, knowing how to give and receive love.


The “Reason” level is the creator of wisdom and the concept system of scientific medicine. At this level, we have the ability to think deeply and understand complex concepts.


The “Acceptance” level teaches us that things are neither right nor wrong, no longer overly concerned with judging right from wrong. We learn to be tolerant and accepting, viewing things with a peaceful mindset.


The “Willingness” level allows us to be completely open, to grow rapidly, and to demonstrate sincere and friendly qualities. We become eager to accept new opportunities and dare to pursue our dreams.


At the “Neutrality” level, we have trust, vitality, and a sense of security. We are filled with courage and confidence to seize every opportunity.


However, we also need to be wary of the negative emotions at these energy levels. For example, “Pride” inflates our ego, resisting growth and change. While “Anger” leads to hatred, eroding our souls and indulging us in complaints.


The “Desire” level makes us addicted, with endless greed. It hinders our growth and self-improvement.


The “Fear” level makes us suppress, anxious, and withdraw, hindering our personal growth.


We must also be wary of extreme negative emotions such as “Grief” , “Apathy“, “Guilt“, and “Shame“, which can seriously damage our physical and mental health, causing us to lose hope and the meaning of life.




As partners in mutual growth, I encourage everyone to not only focus on external wealth but also value inner growth and improvement. By understanding and applying the Hawkins Energy Levels chart, we can better manage our emotions and inner state, achieving true abundance and happiness. May we embark on the path of inner sublimation and dance in harmony with wealth!

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