Harmonizing organs to overcome insomnia

In the fast-paced modern life, insomnia and frequent dreaming have become common “nighttime troubles” for many people. However, these seemingly ordinary phenomena are actually health warnings from the body.

Insomnia is not just a simple difficulty in falling asleep; it can be a manifestation of multiple organ dysfunctions, such as dysfunction of the heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Therefore, we should not simply view insomnia and frequent dreaming as habits, but rather treat them seriously and seek professional medical advice and remedies.

There is much wisdom behind insomnia!

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, the principle of “nourishing yang during the day and nourishing yin at night” is crucial. Sleep is an important way for the body to recover and adjust the balance of yin and yang. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep at night can lead to imbalances in yin and yang, resulting in a series of health problems.

Nighttime insomnia can lead to symptoms such as yin deficiency and excessive fire, as well as upper heat and lower cold. Yin deficiency and excessive fire manifest as emotional instability, irritability, dry mouth, and oral ulcers. Upper heat and lower cold manifest as obvious heat sensations in the upper body and a feeling of coldness in the lower body. Although these symptoms may seem mild, if they are not improved in the long term, they may have a greater impact on overall health.

More seriously, the inability to sleep at night can lead to failure of gallbladder fire to descend, which can then trigger a series of kidney problems. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, the gallbladder and kidneys are mutually related. Failure of gallbladder fire to descend may lead to insufficient kidney yang, which can then cause kidney deficiency, nephritis, kidney stones, and other kidney problems. These problems not only affect the normal functioning of the body but can also further exacerbate insomnia, forming a vicious cycle.


How to regulate the organs?

1.Difficulty falling asleep type: regulate the liver

Difficulty falling asleep may be caused by insufficient liver blood. The liver is responsible for smooth flow and is related to emotional regulation. Insufficient liver blood can lead to emotional instability, affecting sleep.


Nourishing the liver through diet, herbal medicine, or acupuncture can help. Foods that can nourish the liver include mustard greens, mulberries, black sesame, gelatin, dates, spinach, wolfberries, and duck blood, which can help regulate liver blood deficiency and improve the root cause of insomnia.

2.Easy awakening type insomnia: regulate the spleen and stomach

Many people experience sudden waking during sleep, along with symptoms such as a sticky or bland taste in the mouth, loss of appetite, and irregular bowel movements, which are often related to insufficient spleen and stomach function. In traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen is responsible for transforming food and fluids into qi and blood to supply the whole body. If the spleen function is inadequate, it may lead to restlessness and affect the continuity of sleep.


A disharmonious stomach leads to unrest. Strengthening the spleen and stomach can be achieved by adjusting dietary habits, increasing the consumption of warm tonifying foods such as Chinese yam, hawthorn, glutinous rice, sweet potatoes, and coix seed, as well as engaging in appropriate exercise.


3.Poor sleep quality: regulate the kidneys

The kidneys are the foundation of essence, qi, and spirit. When kidney qi declines, it can cause lack of mental focus and restlessness, leading to insufficient sleep and poor sleep quality.


Deficiency in the kidney meridian can lead to a decline in sleep quality. In terms of diet, one can choose black beans, black sesame, walnuts, and other nourishing foods. Herbal medicine options include herbs that tonify the kidneys, such as Chinese wolfberry, Chinese yam, and Dioscorea opposita. Acupuncture can also be used to stimulate specific acupoints to regulate kidney function and improve sleep problems.


In addition to kidney tonification, it is important to maintain good lifestyle habits and a regular sleep schedule. Avoid staying up late and overexertion, and maintain a positive mood, which can help improve sleep quality.


4.Difficulty falling asleep: regulate the heart

The heart governs spirit and mental activities. If there is insufficient heart qi or excessive heart fire, it can lead to difficulty falling asleep. Adjusting diet, herbal medicine, emotional regulation, and sleep schedule are effective methods for improving insomnia caused by insufficient heart qi or excessive heart fire.


Good sleep is crucial for physical and overall health. Adequate sleep promotes body repair and restoration, enhances immune system function, improves attention and memory, and enhances mood and emotional well-being.


Embrace deep sleep, awaken vitality, and sleep soundly until dawn. Let “a good night’s sleep brings relaxation” be our daily pursuit, allowing the body and mind to be fully nourished and repaired during deep sleep.


We offer a diverse range of sleep improvement solutions and precise adjustment methods to help you overcome insomnia and regain a good night’s sleep. Feel free to consult with us, as we are dedicated to serving you!

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