Hao Yan sees the world: exploring the unique charm of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a charm that blends retro and modernity, with street signs with Chinese and British elements, unique buildings, bright neon lights and busy crowds. It is the perfect place for people to measure every inch of the street with their eyes and footsteps. When you embark on a Citywalk tour in Hong Kong, you feel like you are exploring a picture of happiness.

I was in Hong Kong when the epidemic was raging. This city left a deep impression on me: the people here are law-abiding, polite and orderly. However, behind this prosperous city lies something unique.

01# A city with advanced information

📍Victoria Harbor

Hong Kong is a city with advanced information, and information flows freely on the Internet. People here can freely access the official websites of international technology companies, but at the same time, it also brings network security risks. Compared with China, Hong Kong’s open network environment makes problems such as online fraud more prominent. Here, while seeking business opportunities, you must also be wary of phishing and information security issues.

02# Let’s have a gourmet city walk

📍Lan Fong Yuen

Hong Kong’s food culture is another unique landscape. Due to limited local agriculture, most vegetables and meat are supplied from the mainland. Compared with the mainland, the taste and freshness of the ingredients obtained in Hong Kong are slightly lacking. Most of the food provided in tea restaurants are pre-made dishes, and the quality is not as good as before. However, despite this, Hong Kong’s catering industry still attracts countless food lovers, and countless diners gather here every day to taste various delicacies.

03# Hong Kong’s resilience and courage

📍Night view of Taiping Mountain

In this busy city, people are not only busy at work, but also experiencing subtle changes. Media reports often exaggerate negative news, giving people a depressing feeling. People who have lived in small houses for a long time often feel depressed when faced with dense buildings and narrow streets. Living and working hours are long, and opportunities to make money are not as good as before. However, it is this kind of pressure and challenge that has shaped the resilience and courage of Hong Kong people.

As part of the “Mo Yan Sees the World” series, I hope to show everyone a real Hong Kong through my eyes. While the city faces many challenges, it is also full of endless possibilities. Let us work together to create a better future! Hong Kong, come on!

Fast city, slow pace, effortless Citywalk

You can see new scenery every step of the way

Take a ride on the Star Ferry and enjoy the sea breeze

Overlooking the night view of Hong Kong from the top of the Ferris wheel

Whether you are chasing prosperity or feeling tranquility

Hong Kong style Citywalk will be an excellent choice for you to leave beautiful memories.

—Hao Yan looks at the world, and it is complete only with you —