Guangzhou’s Guide to Eating Chicken: The Ultimate Passion of the People of Guangdong



“no chicken can leave Guangdong alive”


The culinary culture of Guangdong has a profound love for chicken, often said to be so extreme that “no chicken can leave Guangdong alive.” This is not only because chicken plays an indispensable role in various celebrations and daily dining tables in Guangdong but also because the people of Guangdong use over a hundred unique methods to transform chicken into delicacies, reflecting their utmost respect for ingredients and their innovative spirit. The annual consumption of chicken in Guangdong is staggering, reaching over two billion chickens, each cherished and valued.



The people of Guangdong are well-known for their discerning taste in food, treating the act of eating chicken as an art form that has become a part of their lives.


Guangdong boasts a variety of high-quality chicken breeds, such as Qingyuan Ma Chicken, Sanhuang Chicken, and Zhanjiang Chicken, among which Qingyuan Ma Chicken is particularly favored for its wild-like quality and flavor. These breeds are integral components of Guangdong’s unique gastronomic culture.


How to enjoy chicken?



Guangdong’s cooking techniques are rich and varied, from whole chickens to different parts of the chicken, offering a multitude of ways to prepare them. Classic dishes like White Cut Chicken, Salt Baked Chicken, and Scallion Oil Chicken showcase the culinary ingenuity and pursuit of the original flavors of the ingredients.

For instance, the preparation of White Cut Chicken may seem simple, but it actually requires careful selection of quality young chickens and precise control of heat to achieve a perfectly flavored dish. The chef’s attention to detail during cooking—such as adding gardenia yellow and Hua Diao wine to the water—not only enhances the color of the chicken but also adds fragrance to the dish.




Specialty dishes like Oil-soaked Chicken and Salt Baked Chicken require even higher culinary skills and a deep understanding of the ingredients to perfectly present their unique flavors.


“Chicken has chicken flavor” is the highest praise from the people of Guangdong.


With each bite, the delicious taste of the chicken spreads in the mouth, as if it were a unique feast for the senses. Every drop of chicken soup is the soul of the chicken, imbued with the warmth of home and the taste of family affection. The freshness and fragrance of the chicken meet your taste buds, creating a wonderful moment of food that leaves you captivated and unable to extricate yourself. Whether it’s stewed soup, roast meat, or fried chicken, they all represent the people of Guangdong’s respect for chicken and their unique recognition. When in Guangzhou, one must not miss out on tasting the ‘chicken.’ Xinyan strongly recommends it, inviting you to share in this delicious experience!