Guangzhou Pearl River Park: A Green Paradise amidst Bustling City

When mentioning the Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou, people often think of the bustling scenes of Guangzhou CBD and the financial center. However, little do they know that hidden within this busy area, there is a green paradise called Pearl River Park.


Pearl River Park, with no admission fee, is a great place for residents to get close to nature and relax. Here, you can encounter lovely stray cats and spend leisurely time with them. You can stroll along the paths shaded by trees, enjoying the gentle breeze and dappled sunlight. You can also admire the colorful flowers, feed the fishes in the lake, and fully indulge in the tranquility and beauty of life. Camping reservations are available for a close integration with nature.


Located in the core area of the Zhujiang New Town CBD, Pearl River Park covers an area of 28 hectares, serving as the green heart of Guangzhou. With an elegant environment and pleasant scenery, it is a comprehensive park combining sightseeing, recreation, culture, science education, and leisure. The park integrates abundant plant communities, mountains, streams, lakes, and architecture, fully showcasing the unique charm of Lingnan gardens.


While walking in Pearl River Park, you can appreciate various Lingnan-style buildings and experience the mysterious atmosphere of tropical jungles. The park offers diverse scenic areas, including the Flower Garden, Shade Plant Garden, Ginger Garden, Magnolia Garden, Osmanthus Garden, and Palm Garden. Each area has its unique landscapes and distinctive plants, making visitors reluctant to leave.



The forested area is one of the highlights of Pearl River Park, mainly consisting of mixed forests. Different tree species, seasons, and flowering periods complement each other, creating a colorful and layered botanical zone. While strolling on the mountain trails, you can hear the splashing sound of waterfalls, see lush vegetation, and feel the magical charm of nature.


The Flower Garden remains in spring throughout the year, and the Aquatic Plant Garden is a standout. It is a wood structure garden landscape jointly developed by Guangdong Province and British Columbia, Canada. The garden is built along the mountain, with streams, lakes, small islands, and platforms shining upon each other. With small bridges, flowing water, and water lilies, it creates a semi-ecological landscape, immersing people in the blend of Lingnan gardens and exotic styles.


The Magnolia Garden mainly features Magnolia tree species and becomes a popular place for flower appreciation during the warm spring season. In addition, areas like Tongle Garden and Ginger Garden have their own characteristics, providing diverse leisure experiences for the public.


In addition to natural landscapes, Pearl River Park also emphasizes ecological protection and cultural heritage. The park features cultural squares and stages, providing a platform for talent display and cultural exchange. Meanwhile, the park actively organizes various activities to enrich the cultural life of the residents, allowing people to feel the charm of the park in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


It is worth mentioning that the small wooden houses in the park, known as the Wanqu Book House, are a rare leisure destination. With an elegant and tranquil environment along the lake, it is a perfect place to taste aromatic coffee and appreciate the beautiful scenery. Here, you can let go of the busy pace of life and enjoy a peaceful time.


Pearl River Park integrates nature, culture, leisure, and sports, providing an ideal place for residents to relax and unwind. Whether you enjoy natural landscapes or cultural arts, this park can meet your needs. We welcome everyone to visit Pearl River Park and experience the green charm and cultural heritage of this city.


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