Guangdong Intangible Cultural Heritage Flavor: Xiao Feng Cake

Xiao Feng Cake, as a traditional specialty of Guangdong, not only carries a deep historical and cultural heritage, but also wins the favor of the majority of diners with its unique taste and flavor.

Its origin can be traced back to the reign of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty. After centuries of inheritance and development, the production process of Xiao Feng Cake has become more and more exquisite, and its quality has also become more and more perfect. Originally known as Chicken Cake because of its resemblance to a chicken, the pastry was first created and improved by Miss Xiaofeng, and thus renamed Xiaofeng Cake.


The process of making Xiao Feng cakes, though seemingly simple, requires exquisite skills and strict selection of ingredients. The recipes for both the crust and the filling are carefully blended to ensure a perfect blend of texture and flavor. During the baking process, the baker needs to strictly control the temperature and time to ensure that the pie filling does not produce hard lumps while maintaining the crispiness of the crust.

Xiaofeng Cakes have a unique texture, with a crispy outer layer and a fat, soft filling that is moderately salty and sweet, with a strong aroma of sesame seeds and green onion. This unique texture makes Xiao Feng Cake unique among Cantonese pastries and one of the representative cuisines of the Guangdong region.


In addition to its delicious flavor, Xiaofeng cake also carries a rich cultural connotation. It is not only a representative of the traditional confectionery culture in Guangdong, but also a reflection of the local people’s pursuit of food and innovation. Each piece of Xiao Feng cake contains the heart and wisdom of the craftsmen, and also conveys people’s desire and pursuit of a better life.


Nowadays, Xiao Feng Cake has gone out of Guangdong and become a popular food in the whole country and even in the world. Whether as a local specialty or as a gift, Xiao Feng Cake can bring people a wonderful taste bud experience and deep cultural memory.

As a traditional delicacy in Guangdong, Xiao Feng Cake has won people’s love and praise for its unique taste and flavor. It is not only a kind of food, but also a cultural heritage and expression. Whether you are tasting or making it, Xiao Feng Cake can bring people endless fun and satisfaction.

Here is how to make it~

Ingredients Recipe

Cake crust: 12.5 kilograms of flour, 2.3 kilograms of sesame oil, 1 kilogram of sugar, 9 kilograms of caramel, 0.12 kilograms of lye, 0.2 kilograms of salt, about 1 kilogram of water, 0.75 kilograms of egg (to coat the cake surface to increase the luster of the use)

Cake filling: cake flour 1.75 kilograms, cooked flour 3.75 kilograms, sesame oil 1 kilograms, powdered sugar 2.5 kilograms, sugar 20 kilograms of white fat, cooked sesame 0.75 kilograms, 0.75 kilograms of peanut crumbs, 1.25 kilograms of fermented bean curd, 0.01 kilograms of five spices, 0.25 kilograms of salt, 1 kilograms of green onion, a little bit of garlic, about 2.5 kilograms of water.



1, make the pie filling ingredients, all mix well, divided into 10 pieces, each piece of about 3 kilograms.

2: Mix all the ingredients for the crust, make a dough, and divide into 10 pieces of 2.5 kilograms each. With a roller to roll the skin thin, the pie filling into the roll, rolled into a long strip (about 1 cm in diameter), cut into about 1.5 cm with a knife after a small cylinder, like a chess style will be a small cylinder, flat on the baking sheet, slightly snap flat, the pie filling is slightly exposed to the outside of the pie surface coated with a layer of egg, and then even the iron plate into the oven to bake, the temperature of the water 250 ° C, about 13 minutes, remove that is completed.

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