Guangdong ‘Good Duck’! One is better than the other in taste

The history of duck farming and consumption in China dates back to the Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties, with records in literature. Today, China has become the world’s largest producer of meat ducks. Guangdong Province, as an important province for domestic duck farming, consumption, and export, has nurtured a variety of duck delicacies with unique flavors under the dual influence of its long history and abundant production.


Today, we will focus on introducing several mouth-watering Guangdong “good duck” dishes that food enthusiasts must not miss!

Roast Duck:

As a classic representative of Guangdong cuisine, roast duck is known for its crispy skin and tender meat with a golden color. Through meticulous marinating and roasting processes, the meat of the roast duck is tender and juicy, with thin and crispy skin, each bite exuding an enchanting aroma that is unforgettable.


Marinated Duck:

Guangdong marinated duck is loved by diners for its flavorful sauce and rich taste. Using high-quality sauces and a unique marinating process, the marinated duck has a bright red color and delicious, fatty but not greasy meat. Whether as a main dish or a side dish, marinated duck pairs perfectly with rice or noodles, bringing a rich taste experience.


White Cut Duck:

In Cantonese cuisine, white cut duck is a homely yet exquisite dish. Its meat is tender and smooth with a sweet taste, without any mutton flavor, and has various health benefits, such as nourishing the stomach, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, and nourishing yin and moistening the lungs. The preparation of white cut duck emphasizes three steps: selecting the duck, boiling the duck, and seasoning. The duck is placed in a soup made from pork bones, and it is lifted out when the leg muscles of the duck begin to contract, preserving the original fragrance and delicate taste of the duck meat.


Preserved Duck:

Guangdong preserved duck is famous for its unique preserved flavor and rich taste. Selecting high-quality ducks, it undergoes processes such as opening the cavity, marinating, and air-drying, resulting in a golden yellow color and firm, full-bodied meat. Preserved duck can be steamed, stir-fried, and also made into various dishes like taro oil duck pot, preserved duck with radish, watercress and dried scallop soup, and preserved meat clay pot rice, showcasing the versatile flavors of preserved duck.


Duck Soup:

In Guangdong and other regions, duck soup is considered a traditional dish with great nutritional value and profound cultural heritage. It is not just an ordinary nourishing soup but also carries the ancient wisdom of health preservation and conditioning. Using high-quality, delicious duck meat and pairing it with medicinal herbs such as angelica, goji berries, red dates, etc., these herbs enhance the nourishing effect of the soup and bring a complex and balanced taste. Slowly simmered over a long period, the essence of the duck meat is fully dissolved in the soup, making every sip rich and mellow, full of the delicacy of duck meat and the sweetness of the herbs. This soup not only has a significant effect on nourishing yin and replenishing qi but also helps improve sleep, enhance physical strength, and stimulate appetite. It is very suitable for those with weak bodies, decreased immunity, or in the recovery period. Especially in the cold winter, a bowl of hot duck soup can warm the body and heart, bringing warmth and energy to the body. It is not just a kind of food but also an attitude towards life, reflecting the care for health and the love for delicious food.


The above is just a small part of Guangdong’s duck dishes. There are many types of duck dishes in Guangdong, each containing a unique flavor and exquisite cooking skills. As a food lover, I highly recommend that everyone try the duck dishes here when they have the opportunity to come to Guangdong. They will bring you an unforgettable food experience and satisfying taste. Looking forward to meeting you again next time!