Grain Rain: Rain nurtures all crops and enriches the heartland

During Grain Rain,

Greenery fills the world.

Gentle rain nourishes all things,

Vitality flourishes abundantly.


Grain Rain is the sixth solar term in the traditional Chinese calendar, marking the end of spring and the beginning of summer. It usually falls between April 19th and 21st. The name “Grain Rain” symbolizes abundant rain that benefits the growth of grains. This is the time for sowing and planting.


During this season, the earth rejuvenates, and everything is renewed. The lush vegetation reflects the vibrant scene of nature. Grain Rain is also a perfect time for appreciating flowers, with peonies and peony trees blossoming in dazzling colors, adding splendor to the spring. The gentle spring rain not only moistens the earth but also nurtures people’s hearts, allowing them to feel the power of life and the beauty of spring.


Grain Rain is not only related to agriculture but also carries profound cultural connotations. Throughout history, various ceremonies and folk activities have been held during Grain Rain to pray for good weather and abundant harvests. Customs such as drinking Grain Rain tea, admiring peonies, savoring Chinese toon, worshiping Cangjie (the legendary inventor of Chinese characters), participating in Grain Rain walks, and pasting Grain Rain couplets all embody people’s reverence for nature and their love for life, showcasing the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.


During Grain Rain, as the temperature rises and humidity increases, it is advisable to adjust our diet and consume light and easily digestible foods such as vegetables and fruits to maintain good health. Grain Rain is also a great time for outdoor activities to enhance physical fitness and boost immunity.


Let us cherish the gifts of nature and savor the beauty of spring during this season. Let us embrace this wonderful solar term together and enjoy the warmth and joy of spring! May your heart be filled with sunshine, and may your life be filled with happiness! 🌞💕

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