Goose, goose, goose, the people of Guangdong love to eat goose

Guangdong, a place famous for its cuisine, particularly stands out for its fondness of geese. Here, there are four renowned varieties of geese: Kaiping Magang Goose, Qingyuan Wuzong Goose, Shantou Shitou Goose, and Yangjiang Huangzong Goose.

The Magang Goose, reigning as one of the four famous geese in Guangdong, originates from Magang Town in Kaiping City. Its meat is tender and delicate, with a rich flavor. Whether it’s traditional roasted goose, marinated goose, or innovative dishes such as taro stewed goose, goose soup, or lemon goose, they are all favored by food enthusiasts.

The Wuzong Goose, also known as the Black Bristle Goose, is famous for its “three blacks, three thinness, and one short” characteristics: black beak, black feathers, black feet; thin head, thin neck, thin bones; and a short stature. This goose’s meat is delicious, tender, and juicy, making it an ideal choice for roasting.

The Shitou Goose, a large breed, is mainly found in Chenghai, Chao’an, and the suburbs of Shantou. Its meaty lumps grow larger with age, resembling a lion’s head, hence the name. This goose’s meat is tender, juicy, and sweet, primarily used for making marinated goose with a lingering flavor that is not greasy.

The Huangzong Goose from Yangjiang, named for the brown-yellow feathers from its head to its neck, is a smaller goose with thin skin and tender meat. Its meat is sweet and has an excellent taste, especially suitable for stewing.


In addition to the introduction of goose breeds, the ways Guangdong people cook geese are equally mouth-watering. Guangzhou-style roasted goose is renowned for its rich yet non-greasy taste, standing out in Cantonese cuisine. The process of making roasted goose is like practicing a profound martial art, with each step requiring precision, resulting in an amber-colored, richly fatty delicacy.

Hakka braised goose is a simple yet incredibly delicious home-cooked dish. After frying and braising, the goose meat is fragrant, savory, and perfectly complemented by the sauce, with every bite being satisfying.

In Guangdong, whether it’s roasted goose, marinated goose, or various creative goose dishes, each one leaves a lasting impression. The versatility of a goose showcases the Guangdong people’s pursuit of ingredients and their spirit of innovation. If you travel to Guangdong and don’t taste goose dishes, it’s a regrettable journey.

Apart from Guangzhou-style roasted goose and Hakka braised goose, there’s also Zhanjiang white-cut goose, Chaoshan marinated lion head goose, Shunde drunken goose, and Yangjiang goose rice dishes, among many other delicacies waiting for you to explore. The richness and diversity of goose dishes are not only a microcosm of Guangdong’s culinary culture but also a reflection of an endless exploration and love for delicious food. From Zhanjiang’s white-cut goose to Chaoshan’s marinated lion head goose, and Shunde’s drunken goose, each cooking method has its uniqueness, and each flavor represents a local culture and gastronomic philosophy.


Zhanjiang’s white-cut goose is known for its light flavor that doesn’t mask the goose’s original taste. The tender goose meat, paired with special sauce, is infinitely delicious. Chaoshan’s marinated lion head goose is carefully prepared with secret brine, where the goose meat absorbs the essence of the brine, resulting in a delicious and fragrant meat.

Shunde’s drunken goose is famous for its unique wine aroma and tender meat. The goose meat slowly absorbs the wine fragrance, creating a perfect blend of wine and goose meat’s delicacy that lingers in the mouth. Yangjiang’s goose rice dish combines goose meat and offal into exquisite dishes, served with fragrant and smooth goose meat rice, each bite filled with happiness.

These different cooking methods not only show the Guangdong people’s deep affection for goose meat but also reflect the depth and breadth of Guangdong’s culinary culture. The goose dishes in Guangdong, with their distinctive flavors, tempt everyone who comes here.

When you step on the warm land of Guangdong, try different goose dishes and let your taste buds embark on a profound journey here. Whether it’s a street stall or a high-end restaurant, you can find satisfying goose dishes. Let food be one of the most memorable experiences of your trip to Guangdong.

Goose in Guangdong is not just a series of delicious dishes but also a culture, a reflection of a lifestyle. Here, every goose finds its stage, and every flavor finds its admirer. In Guangdong, let’s savor life, enjoy food, and let goose dishes become a beautiful bond connecting you and me.

Welcome to taste and enjoy. We have a date in Guangzhou.