Four Famous Mountains in Southern Guangdong: Danxia Scenery

Danxia Mountain (China Red Rock Park) is the world’s “Danxia Landform” named place. By more than 680 kinds of flat top, deep and steep, foot slow red gravel rock composition, “color such as Wodan, brilliant as bright Xia”, characterized by red cliffs. Located in Renhua County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, it is a natural scenic area with Danxia landform landscape, as well as a World Geopark and a World Natural Heritage Site.


Danxia landforms: nature’s magical masterpiece

– Formation history: The formation of Danxia landform has gone through hundreds of millions of years of geological changes. Between 140 million and 70 million years ago, Danxia Mountain area was a large inland basin, depositing a huge red layer. Through crustal uplift and undercutting erosion by flowing water, the red strata were cut into a cluster of red mountains, forming the present Danxia landform.

– Geomorphological features: Danxia Mountain consists of more than 680 red gravel rocks with flat tops, steep bodies and slow feet, presenting a spectacular scene of “colorful as Wodan, brilliant as Mingxia”. The development of Danxia landforms here is the most typical, the most complete and the most abundant, and it is the naming place of Danxia landforms in the world.


Natural Landscape: A Visual Feast of Breathtaking Beauty

Main Attractions: There are numerous attractions in Danxia Mountain Scenic Area that are worth visiting. Elder Peak is the main peak of Danxia Mountain. Climbing to the top of the mountain, you can overlook the entire scenic area and feel the magnificence and vastness of the Danxia landform. Xianglong Lake, on the other hand, is a lakeside beauty spot with turquoise water that mirrors the surrounding red mountain rocks. There are also the spectacular Jinjiang Gallery and the mysterious Bazhai Scenic Spot, each of which is unforgettable.

Biodiversity: Danxia Mountain is not only a geological wonder, but also a treasure trove of biodiversity. Numerous rare plants and animals live in the reserve, such as the yellow-bellied pheasant and the white-necked long-tailed pheasant, providing visitors with a rich ecological experience.


History and Culture: Deep Cultural Heritage

– Historical relics: Danxia Mountain was once a settlement of the ancient Yao people, leaving behind many relics of Yao culture. Visitors can feel the unique charm of Yao culture here and learn about their way of life and traditional culture.

– Religious Culture: Danxia Mountain is also one of the birthplaces of Taoist culture. There are many ancient Taoist temples and monasteries in the scenic area, such as Jinshiyan Temple, etc. These buildings not only have historical value, but also provide a window for tourists to understand Taoist culture.


Travel Tips and Strategies

– Best time to visit: Spring and fall are the best time to visit Danxia Mountain, when the climate is pleasant and the scenery is beautiful, which can provide tourists with the best viewing experience.

– Transportation Guide: To Danxia Mountain, you can choose to arrive at Shaoguan City by plane, train or car, and then transfer to bus or cab to the scenic area. Scenic area internal transportation is also very convenient, tourists can choose to walk, take the cable car or cruise ship and other ways to visit.

– Ticket Information: Danxia Mountain Scenic Spot offers a variety of ticket options, including scenic area tickets, cable car tickets, water Danxia tickets and so on. Visitors can choose the right combination of tickets according to their needs. At the same time, the scenic area also frequently launches preferential activities so that tourists can enjoy more affordable prices.

– Note: During the tour, tourists are advised to pay attention to the protection of the environment and not to litter; at the same time, they should pay attention to safety and comply with the regulations of the scenic area to ensure the safety of themselves and others. In addition, tourists are advised to know the opening hours and tour routes of the scenic spots in advance so as to better plan their trips.

Among the Danxia geomorphic landscapes in the world, Danxia Mountain is recognized as the area with the most typical development, the most complete types, the richest shapes and the most beautiful scenery. Its unique landscape is worth your visit!


Yuan Mei, a famous writer in the Qing Dynasty, once wrote “A Record of Traveling to Danxia Mountain”:

I traveled for a day and night to Danxia. But see the wall without a grove, but the mountain coercion cracked a slit such as oblique sawing. People sideways into, a long time to get the road. Climbing the iron rope to rise, another day and land. Borrow pine roots for slope level, natural height, never slippery; no level is chiseled cliffs and rocks for, counting three hundred levels. To the appendage of the most narrow door, only one guest, on the horizontal iron plate for the opening and closing, a man holding a spear, birds fly not on. The temple on the mountain is very solid and very grand, chiseled cliffs for the ditch, water monks kitchen, very clever. There are monks tower in the cliff, the cliff Zhang high power swallowed cover. The front of the group ridge arch, such as the Marquis of all countries with jade and silk to the court, between the bulls ugly rhinoceros, Plowshares phantom man, scops owl barbaric dancers. (The above is an excerpt from the “tour of Danxia Mountain”)