Five Elements Knowledge: Revealing Your 1-9 Human Attributes

Have you ever wondered which element you belong to in the ancient theory of the five elements? Today, let’s explore this mysterious and intriguing area and find out what your 1-9th person attribute is and how it affects your life.

The Five Elements and Numbers

In traditional Chinese culture, the five elements (gold, wood, water, fire and earth) are closely related to numbers. According to this theory, we can categorize all people into person numbers 1 to 9, with each number corresponding to one of the Five Elements attributes:


1 and 6: metallic properties

2 and 7: water attribute

3 and 8: Fire attribute

4 and 9: Wood attribute

5: earth attribute


Compatibility of the Five Elements

The five elements are not only related to each other, but also to each other. Phasic relationship means that one element can nourish another element and make it grow; phasic relationship means that one element can restrain another element and limit its development.


Phyletic relationship: gold begets water, water begets wood, wood begets fire, fire begets earth, and earth begets gold. This cyclical relationship forms the basis for the growth of all things in the universe.

The relationship of mutual restraint: gold grams wood, wood grams earth, earth grams water, water grams fire, fire grams gold. This relationship of mutual constraint ensures the balance and stability of everything in the universe.


Mysteries of the Five Elements and the Chinese Zodiac

In the Chinese Zodiac, each zodiac sign is also closely related to the Five Elements. For example, “Wood, Wood, Wood, Wood” means that two wood people together can support each other and grow together; “Water, Water, Water” means that two water people together can promote each other and enhance each other’s strength.


In addition, there are the concepts of “Triple Harmony” and “Six Harmonies”. Triple Harmony means that when three zodiac signs are combined together, they can create a particularly harmonious relationship; Hexagonal Harmony means that when two zodiac signs are together, they can form a particularly close relationship and support each other.


Triple Harmony Zodiac Combination:

Zi Chen Shen (Monkey, Rat, Dragon),

Ushi You (Snake, Rooster, Ox),

Yin Wu Xu (Tiger, Horse, Dog),

DWH (Pig, Rabbit, Sheep).


Hexagonal Zodiac Combinations:

Zi Rat and Ugly Ox,

Yin Tiger and the Ohio Pig,

Rabbit and Dog,

Dragon and Rooster,

Snake and Monkey,

Afternoon horse and the ungoat.

Three combinations of Chinese zodiac signs

In addition to the Three Harmonies and Six Harmonies, there is also the concept of “Three Harmonies”. Sanhui means that when three neighboring zodiac signs are together, they can form a special meeting or combination. These combinations are considered to have special significance and influence in numerology.


Triple Meeting Chinese Zodiac Combination:

Rat, Ox, Pig Triple Meeting,

Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon,

Snake, Horse, Sheep,

Monkey, Rooster and Dog.


The Five Elements and the Chinese Zodiac are important concepts in traditional Chinese culture. They not only reveal the laws of growth and interrelationships of all things in the universe, but also provide us with a unique method of analyzing numerology.

By knowing our Five Elements attributes and Chinese Zodiac combinations, we can better understand our personality, fortune and relationships, and thus plan our life better. We hope that this article will help you gain a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Five Elements and the Chinese Zodiac!

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