Exploring Sydney: Natural Adventures at Taronga Zoo

Hao Yan will accompany you to see the world

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Under the bright sunshine of Sydney, Australia, our family embarked on an unforgettable journey. This time, we chose a unique way of exploration – taking a cruise, starting from Circular Quay, sailing along the sparkling Sydney Harbor to Taronga Zoo, a place that combines natural beauty and wildlife A place of wonders.
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Exhilarating Moments

“Australia” Natural in 2024

Dang Dang Dang~~ Taronga Zoo, the name is particularly loud under the Sydney skyline. It is not only a green treasure covering an area of 30 hectares, but also a natural paradise with more than 2,000 animals and 400 species. Since its opening in 1916, it has been quietly located on the north shore of Sydney Harbour, echoing the Sydney Opera House, and has witnessed the laughter and wonder of countless tourists.

Here, every step is a new adventure
“Tourists can follow in the footsteps of keepers, go deep into the Australian wilderness, and feel the original charm of nature.”

——Hao Yan looks at the world

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Join the VIP Australian Gold Tour and get up close and personal with rare animals that can only be seen in this land. The zoo’s bird and sea lion performances push this natural charm to a climax, making people feel the vitality of life in wonder.

Taronga Zoo is not just a place for viewing, it is also a palace of education. The interactive iPhone application and detailed Chinese maps allow every visitor to learn about animals and nature in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Even more impressive is that the zoo is run entirely on a non-profit basis. Every penny of ticket sales is directly invested in the cause of animal protection and natural environment protection. For friends who live in Sydney, the annual pass is undoubtedly the most worthwhile investment. It not only means that you can step into this natural paradise at any time, but also supports the cause of animal protection.


Although our boat trip was short, the 15-minute voyage was like traveling through time and space, taking us to another world. Along the way, the sea breeze blew gently and the waves lapped gently. The Sydney skyline faded away in the distance, while the outline of Taronga Zoo became increasingly clear.

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Although time was limited and we only visited the lower half of the zoo, those naive elephants and agile sea lions have already left a deep impression on our hearts. Sitting on the boat, letting the sea breeze blow on your face, the tranquility and freedom are a rare experience in city life.

Although this trip to Sydney was only a brief glimpse, the natural adventures at Taronga Zoo have already made us look forward to our next reunion. Here, every breath is a dialogue with nature, and every eye contact is a communication with life. Taronga Zoo is a place where the soul can be purified, a natural paradise worthy of everyone’s heart.