Dragon Boat Festival, how do Cantonese people unlock new ways to play with tradition?

As the heat wave of summer rolls in, on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, we are about to usher in another festival filled with the fragrance of rice dumplings and the sound of dragon boats – the Dragon Boat Festival. In the hot land of Guangdong, Dragon Boat Festival is not only a festival, but also a kind of emotional heritage and cultural display.


Dragon boat racing, the collision of blood and passion

Dragon boat, as a unique symbol of Lingnan culture, can be traced back to thousands of years ago. Every year during the Dragon Boat Festival, exciting dragon boat races are staged all over Guangdong. From starting the dragon and picking the green to racing, hiding and dispersing the dragon, each step is full of rituals and culture.


Dragon Boat Rice, a Reunion Feast for the Whole Village

If the Dragon Boat Race is the “sports feast” of the Dragon Boat Festival, then the Dragon Boat Rice is the “food feast” in the minds of the Cantonese. On this day, villagers gather together to savor this delicacy, which is carefully prepared from a variety of ingredients. This is not only a kind of enjoyment of taste buds, but also a kind of emotional exchange and cultural inheritance.


Sun-dried 100-day ginger, the wisdom and persistence of Chaoshan people

In the Chaoshan area, there is another special custom for the Dragon Boat Festival – sun-drying ginger for 100 days. Fresh ginger is simply processed and then strung together and hung on the tiles of a house. After one hundred days of sunbathing, these ginger not only retains the most natural and original scent, but also becomes an indispensable and delicious delicacy during the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Hanging Kudzu, the Hakka’s Prayer for Peace and Safety

In the Hakka region, a branch of kudzu is hung in front of every house during the Dragon Boat Festival. This is not only to ward off the heat and humidity, but also to symbolize peace and prosperity. Kudzu, a seemingly ordinary plant, plays an important role in the lives of the Hakka people.


The Feast of Dumplings, the Taste Bud Carnival of Guangdong

Of course, when it comes to the Dragon Boat Festival, how can we not mention zongzi? In Guangdong, there are many different kinds of dumplings with different flavors. Salted meat dumplings, wrapped steamed dumplings, Lin Pun dumplings, alkaline water dumplings …… each have their unique taste and flavor. And how to eat zongzi healthily is also very much in the focus of Cantonese people.

Health Tips: How to enjoy the dumplings and not hurt your body?

  1. Food should be clear and complementary, bitter summer is not bitter: the Dragon Boat Festival is in the summer high temperature period, easy to appear tired and weak, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Therefore, in the diet should pay attention to the light-based, more fruits and vegetables cereals.
  2. Zongzi eat while hot, should not be eaten before bedtime: zongzi must be fully cooked to eat, put cold zongzi to be heated before eating. At the same time, the dumplings belong to the staple food, the best two hours before bedtime do not eat dumplings.
  3. These people should eat less or not eat rice dumplings: diabetes, cardiovascular disease patients, the elderly and children, patients with digestive diseases and other groups should eat less or not eat rice dumplings.


Finally, may everyone in this Dragon Boat Festival, taste the sweetness of time, in the midsummer days of peace and well-being.

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