Chinese Zodiac Name Study –Tiger

🎁 Chinese Zodiac Name Study ~Tiger

🌹 Avoid the roots of “之、弓、巳、已、厶、几、廴”, which are the roots of the word snake, snake meets the tiger like a knife poke, villainous, right and wrong. Example: Lian, Jian

Avoid characters with “人”, tiger doesn’t like to see people, when tiger meets people, either tiger will hurt people or people will hurt tiger, it is easy to be dangerous. Example: Bo, Jun, Xin

Avoid characters with the radical “mouth”, as the tiger’s mouth will either hurt you or hurt yourself. It is easy to get trapped, e.g. Jia, Guo, Yuan.

Avoid the characters “dragon” and “chen”, as there are many villains and accidents between the dragon and tiger. Example: Zhen, Ying, Li.

🌹 Avoid characters with the root of Ohio Pig (家、豪、)

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