Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain is located in the northeast of Guangzhou City. It is one of the famous mountains in southern Guangdong and has been known as “the most beautiful mountain in Guangzhou” since ancient times. Baiyun Mountain has a broad body and is composed of more than 30 peaks. It is a branch of Jiulian Mountain, the highest peak in Guangdong. Covering an area of 20.98 square kilometers, the main peak, Mount Mosing Ridge, is 382 meters high. The scenic area is full of lush forests, overlapping peaks and crisscrossing streams. You can overlook the city and the Pearl River in the distance. Whenever the sky clears after rain or in late spring, white clouds linger in the mountains, creating a spectacle, which is where the name Baiyun Mountain comes from.

Baiyun Mountain is the highest mountain in Guangzhou. It is the famous “green lung” of Guangzhou and the only national 5A-level scenic spot in the core urban area of South China. Every Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15th or Double Ninth Festival on September 9th, many Guangzhou citizens come here to climb up and admire the moon.

Baiyun Mountain has beautiful scenery and has been a famous scenic spot in Guangzhou since ancient times. The scenic spot has been included in the “Eight Scenic Spots of Yangcheng” from ancient times to the present. In the 2001 selection of the Eight Scenic Spots of Yangcheng in the New Century, the scenic spot was selected in the name of “Clouds and Mountains with Verdant Greens”.

In my eyes, Baiyun Mountain is like a masterpiece of nature. With the government’s excellent management, the entire scenic spot is naturally beautiful and very comfortable. When you climb to the top of Baiyun Mountain and overlook the city scenery of Guangzhou, you will be shocked by the scenery in front of you. The blue sky and white clouds intertwined on the top of the mountain, like a dreamlike picture. The mountain peaks in the distance are verdant, the valley below is lined with trees, and clear streams meander through. The cool breeze blows, the view is wide, and a cup of tea is refreshing.

Baiyun Mountain not only has beautiful natural scenery, but is also closely related to Guangzhou’s more than 2,200 years of history. The scenic spot has rich cultural landscapes, a long history, and profound cultural heritage. Zheng Anqi, a scholar in the late Qin Dynasty, Ge Hong in the Jin Dynasty, Zen Master Jingtai in the Southern Liang Dynasty, Du Shenyan, Li Qunyu, Su Shi, Han Yu, etc. in the Tang and Song Dynasties, Liu Yongfu, Sun Yat-sen, etc. in modern times, as well as the older generation of revolutionaries Zhu De, Dong Biwu, Guo Moruo and others once left footprints in Baiyun Mountain. Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Premier Chen Yi even conducted state activities at the Baiyun Mountain Villa Hotel, which was known as the “Diaoyutai of South China” at that time. The scenic area still has ancient temples such as Baiyun Temple, Shuangxi Temple, Nengren Temple, and Maitreya Temple, as well as some places of interest such as Baiyun Immortal Pavilion, Mingzhu Tower, and Baihua Tomb. In June 2017, the “Legend of Zheng Xian” project in Baiyun Mountain was included in the list of representative projects of Guangzhou’s intangible cultural heritage.




Here, you can enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets, magical sea of clouds and mist, quiet streams and waterfalls, lush garden landscapes, precious cultural relics and inscriptions, etc. Here, you can feel the perfect integration of Guangzhou’s tradition and modernity, nature and humanity, vitality and tranquility. In my heart, Baiyun Mountain is not only a mountain range, but also a kind of spiritual sustenance and a kind of spiritual purification. Every time I climb a mountain, I feel the power and mystery of nature, which makes me feel awe and gratitude. Baiyun Mountain is a beautiful business card of Guangzhou City and one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Guangzhou.


——Part of the information is taken from the Guangzhou Academy of Forestry and Landscape Sciences.